XENOLINGUISTICS…A Video Illustrating the 1st Empirical Example of Alien Contact …!


(Published in beforeitsnews.com March 23, 2014)


Stone Inscribed Image Developments Deciphered & Understood to be an Ancient-Alien Time-Capsule Communication…:





Within the video you will witness an empirical example of

Xenolinguistics‘…an ‘alien language and detailed communications from an unknown intelligence’.


The messages translated within this video are displayed within a

Negative (Inverted) and Black & White Field of Visual Perception

forming a visual and global language of hologram codices or ‘whole recordings’.


These optical translations and visual manifestations constitute

an ‘Ancient Alien Communication’ that has been understood and

transcribed into the mythologies and scriptures of mankind since the dawn of intelligence.

Revelations of  ‘Ancient Knowledge Lost…a Divine Communication and Contact with an Advanced Alien Intelligence‘.

The stone scribed ‘petro photoglyph’ projections within this video were deciphered using a variable combination of…:


* Spectrum Specific Illumination

* Spatial Specific Perception

* Bi-Lateral Symmetry (mirror imaging)


What you will witness within these optical translations of the Genesis Petroglyph (Side 1 Position 2)…:


The Genesis Petroglyph…a Petro Photoglyph or photo engraved stone (Side 1 Position 2).




The ‘Omnipresent Deity’ (visual perspective…shoulders of the robe…to the tip of the crown...or halo)



The  ‘Pyramid Temple Complex & Shrine’ of the Deity.



The ‘Sacred Altar of the Deity’…architecturally and functionally explicit in detail.



For Optimal Viewing Exposure…:

* Increase the resolution to maximum and go to ‘full screen view’.

* Stop the video at points of optimal focus and increase the magnification or zoom…a  browser tool-box option..

* Slowing the video speed further will increase the ‘depth’ of each development

without affecting the hologram properties of the projection.


For more information…and the only resource on earth translating petro photoglyphs…

'Stone scribed hologram messages from an Ancient Intelligence'…


read this article…:

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