The Unicorn Petroglyph...Deciphering Stone Tablet #1...

'The 3rd Eye Codex'

(part 1)

(Published in August 6th, 2014)


A video demonstrating how 'Ancient Omniscient Knowledge was transmitted...translated...and transcribed into the database of mankind'...:


Detailed Photo Image Codex Projections from the 'Unicorn Petroglyph' (stone tablet #1)...

a Petro Photoglyph or Photo Engraved Stone.


Platform for the Transfer of Ancient Knowledge that has been...

'Transcribed into the Mythologies & Religions of Mankind Since the Dawn of Intelligence'...:


* The Ancient Babylonian Tale of the Righteous Sufferer...Ludlul bēl nēmeqi.

* The Book of JOB (KJV) chapters 39...40 & 41

* The 'Popol Vuh or the 'Book of People'.


Optical translations from the Unicorn Petroglyph herein constitute an Alien Message...labeled 'Xenolinguistics'.


Revelations of...

Ancient Knowledge Lost to Humanity…a video demonstrating Divine Communications...

and an Empirical Example of 1st Contact with an Advanced Alien Intelligence‘.

Stone Scribed Projections from the ‘Unicorn Petroglyph’ illustrated within this video were deciphered using a variable combination of 3 factors…:

* Spectrum Specific Illumination

* Spatial Specific Perception

* Bi-Lateral Symmetry (mirror imaging)


What you will witness within the optical translations of the Unicorn Petroglyph (Stone Tablet #1)…:


The Unicorn Petroglyph…a Petro Photoglyph or photo engraved stone (Stone Tablet #1).


‘Old-World Avatars of the Creator’...Manifesting and Described in Detail as...

the Unicorn of JOB 39 (KJV)...the Behemoth of JOB 40 (KJV)...and the Leviathan of JOB 41 (KJV)



‘New-World Avatar of the Creator’...Manifesting as 'Quetzalcoatl or The Feathered Serpent'...

defined by religion and mythology of Mesoamerica and documented within the 'Popol Vuh or the Book of People'.



Tethered Avatars of the New World (Quetzalcoatl...left) & the Old World (Unicorn...Behemoth...Leviathan...right)



The 'Eyes of the Avatars' projecting from the stone scribed video codex


For Optimal Viewing Exposure…:

* Increase the resolution to maximum and go to ‘full screen view’.

* Stop the video at points of optimal focus and increase the magnification or zoom…(a  browser tool-box option).

* Slow the video speed to further increase the ‘depth’ of each development without affecting the hologram properties of the projection.


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