Tales within 2 Stones...Optical Translations of Hologram Codex Messages Embedded Within 2 Petro Photoglyphs


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Petro Photoglyphs are small symmetrical stones...forged with contiguous and highly detailed photographic image stories or codices.


The 'KEY' to deciphering the stone-scribed hologram-image-patterns is to light-up the artifacts with...







Photo-detailed images...transcribed into the database of understanding...since the dawn of human intelligence.


 'Petro Photoglyphs' or photo inscribed stones provide a 'Platform of Perfection for Transmitting Ideas & Messages

from an Ancient (and currently unknown...but well understood) Alien Intelligence'.


Stone Scribed Holograms...or 'whole image projections' developed within a 'Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination'

Time-Capsule Messages that have been understood and transcribed into the database of understanding.


The Perfect Platform...Providing a Global Communication...that has been Deciphered & Understood...

Since the Dawn of Intelligence.


Alien Messages or 'Xenolinguistics'...that can be translated by the 'light of a fire at a specified time and place'...

or the 'click of a mouse button' providing perception within an inverse or negative optical sphere.


'Petro Photoglyphs'...specifically disguised as small symmetrical stones and dispersed on a global level...

 a factor that prevented hoarding and destroying these 'Time-Capsule Communications'...

meant to be understood by future global generations throughout the millenniums of mankind's development ...!

 Disguised and Covert Communications...'optically translated' and perceived on a global level with the application of…:

* Spectrum Specific Illumination

* Spatial Specific Perception

* Bi-Lateral Symmetry (mirror imaging)


Stone 1...Tales within 2 Stones develop detailed 'Hologram Codices or Stories' from the Genesis Petroglyph…:


Projections from the Genesis Petroglyph (Side 1 / Position 1) detail a story...

a Codex that was transcribed into the mythology and scripture of humanity...

understood within Mesopotamian Mythology as 'the Altrahasis'...

known within the Global Scriptures as Genesis 6 or the 'Great Deluge'.


With the application of 'Bi-Lateral Symmetry or Mirror Imaging' added to the optical translation process...

'Codex Altrahasis' plays-on to project a highly significant connection to 'Orion...the Star Pattern'...

disclosing one of the most detailed 'Stone-Inscribed-Star-Maps' ever discovered…:


Projections from the Genesis Petroglyph (Side 1 / Position 1) and a Mirror Image using Bi-Lateral Symmetry...

A 'Network of Incised Linear Markings' align to the Constellation Star-Pattern knows as Orion...

providing additional information & a highly significant communication from this 'Stone-Scribed Hologram-Codex'.


A detailed video codex...star-map & message projecting from an image-mask...developed from an  from the Genesis Petroglyph.

(per this illustration...Betelgeuse from the Orion Star Pattern is aligned to the 'Eye of the Prominent Stone-Scribed Glyphic Figure')



Stone 2...Tales within 2 Stones develops 'Hologram Codices or Stories' from the Unicorn Petroglyph…:


An 'Open Portal' manifesting as ‘Avatars of the Creator'...illustrated within the projections from the Unicorn Petroglyph (stone-tablet #1)

* defined to be the 'Righteous Sufferer' in Mesopotamia ...transcribed into the cuneiform story of Ludlul bēl nēmeqi'.

 * understood by 3-synonymous names detailing a single 'Omniscient Creature' described in the verses of the 'Book of JOB' (Chapters 39-41 KJV).

* Documented as the Pre-Columbian Meso-American Entity in the Popol Vuh or 'Book of People'...'Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent.


Four (4) Mythical & Omniscient Creatures...‘Avatars of the Creator'...projections from the Unicorn Petroglyph (stone-tablet #1)...:

1. The Unicorn...the most elusive creature throughout the history of mankind...and there was only one.

2. The Behemoth...a supreme creature and pastoral giant...supporting great stature and capable of enormous strength.

3. The Leviathan...understood by a the transliterated Hebrew word 'livyathan' referring to the single coiled and swirled horn.

4. Quetzalcoatl or the 'Feathered Serpent'



For Optimal Viewing Exposure…:

* Increase the resolution to maximum and go to ‘full screen view’.

* Stop the video (at points of optimal focus)...zoom-in or use a magnifying lens to discern significant & relative detail.

* Slow the video speed to increase depth of each development & hologram properties of the projection.


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'Stone scribed hologram messages from an Ancient Intelligence'…


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