Detailed Photo Image...Hologram Projections from:

'The Genesis Petroglyph'

(a Petro Photoglyph or Photo Inscribed Stone)

Side 1...Position 1

(A Photo Image Translation with Spectrum Specific Illumination...Positive to Negative)

All Stone Scribed Projections were Developed using the Defined Process Method!


Projection from Side 1...the Prominent Glyphic Figure:

Tracings...Photo Positive Translations...Photo Negative Translations of the Prominent Glyphic Figure.


Observations & Descriptions of the Prominent Glyphic Figure:

*The Left Side Profile of a Kneeling Figure is defined by a Triad of Concentric Excised Etched Lines.

*The kneeling figure is wearing a strapped down helmet.

*The helmet has a horn mounted to the side that points forward.

*The kneeling figure is wearing a suit with a pair of wings attached to the back.

*There is a pyramid at the base of the left foot.

*A goat head is in the left hand which is extended downwards.

*The right arm is extended outward touching another object.

*Four small markings hover above the left eye.

*Inside the excise concentric pattern of the prominent figure appears an incise linear crack network .



Magnified Detail...the Face of the Prominent Glyphic Figure:

(Changes in the Image Face are due to the Hologram Properties of the Projections)


Left Profile...Facial Developments: Spectrum Specific Illumination with Background Data Elimination.



Wearing a Mask...with 'Broken or Pierced Nose'.

Magnified Photo Projection...'Eye of the Image'



Observations & Descriptions of the Prominent Image Face:

*The left facial profile of the prominent glyphic figure projects in photographic detail.

*Top image developments detail the open eye of the glyphic figure.

*The kneeling figure appears to be wearing a mask.

* The detail appears to illustrate two sets of lips.

*The bottom pair of lips defines the figure wearing the mask.

*Visible are the lips, beard, mustache, and  prominent neck.

*The top pair of lips defines the mask.

*Visible is the closed left eyelid of the mask.

*Visible is the open left eyelid of the figure wearing the mask.

*The nose of the mask is pierced or broken possibly indicating a ritual event.

*The lips of the mask are enlarged.


Click for a Development Image Panel of this Ancient Event & Ritual...!



Surface Projections...a Glyphic Image Codex:


Surface Sketch of the Hologram Image Codex & Spectrum Specific Projections


Spectrum Specific Surface Projections...Detailing The Hologram Image Codex.

(Edge Detection Profile with Background Visual Data Elimination)


Observations & Descriptions of the Surface Image Codex:

*The kneeling figure wearing a horned helmet and winged suit.

*The right hand is extended and touching a crescent shaped vessel.

*The left hand is extended downward and is holding a goat head.

*The radiated images of a cat or jaguar and fish flow from the kneeling figure's face.

*The left foot rests on a pyramid with the proper angular measurements.


Click for a Full Screen Projection of: 'Codex Altrahasis'



Photo-Image Projections of the Crescent Shaped Vessel:


The Prominent Figure & The Crescent Shaped Vessel.


Photo Detailed Hologram Projections of the Crescent Shaped Vessel.


The 'Bow or Front' of the 'Crescent Shaped Vessel'

(Developed through Bi-Lateral Symmetry...details in 'The Process Method')




Viewpoint: A position shift of the Crescent Shaped Vessel.  Looking at the front (bow) detailing the structural design.

Note: Three (3)  levels  with an opening or window in the top level.


Observations & Descriptions of the Glyphic Vessel:

*Looking up at the left-rear or port-stern of the crescent shaped vessel reflects orthographically (3-D).

*The crescent shaped vessel structure consists of three levels.

*There is an opening, hole or window in the front of the upper level.

*There is an opening or door on the left or port side in the lower level.

*The right hand of the prominent glyphic kneeling figure is touching the upper level of the vessel.

*The mid level of the vessel contains numerous detailed images and scenes.



Micro-Image Sub-Codex Developments:

(Detailed Image Projections from the Deck of the Crescent Shaped Vessel)




Codex: The Man & the Primate                     Codex: The Giraffe & the Man                      The Venus Figure Codex

Codex: 'Anatomical Components of Humanity Illustrated' from the Deck of The Ark.


Spectrum Specific (Grayscale & Color) Projections of the 'Venus Figure'.


Observations & Descriptions from the Embedded Micro-Image Codex Structures:

*Codex Man & The Primate: images of a man and primates involved in 'ritual interface'.

*Codex Giraffe & The Man: details a giraffe (neck and head) and the face of a man (wearing horns of the giraffe).

*Venous Figure Codex: details the image of a woman...faceless, armless, and legless.

*Anatomical Components of Humanity Illustrated:

...torso of man (left)

...buttocks and legs (center)

...faceless, armless and legless woman (right).



Research Note:

Artifacts Inscribed With 3-Dimensional Holograms & Micro-Image Structures...

In the year 1979, Dr. Aste Tonsmann uncovered Photo-Detail...Micro-Image Codices

...inscribed into a Sacred (agave fiber...cloth) Artifact known as...

'The Virgin of Guadalupe' (discovered in 1531)

Spectrum Specific Developments by laserles

The Cloth Tilma Known as The Virgin of Guadalupe...and The Genesis Petroglyph...

Scientific Proof that within a 'Sphere of Spectral & Spatial Perception':




Keyword Translations:

*Strapped Down Helmet: Tied on the Headdress - Chakté  -  Maya

*Horned Helmet & WingsThe Sumerian Deity Enki

*Goat & Fish Effigy: Epitaphs of the Sumerian Deity - Enki (Savior of Humanity)

*Emerging from the Pyramid: Mayan, Egyptian, Sumerian (Ziggurat).

*Floaters Above Eyeball: Mayan Art Symbolism of Ancestral Deity Manifestations.

*Face in the Mask: A Physical Resemblance to Lord Pacal II "...ruler of the Maya polity of Palenque".

*Nose Piercing Ritual : Mesoamerican Royal Accessions, Elevation to Nobility.

*Jaguar Effigy: Mesoamerican Symbolism - Mayan, Olmec, Mixtec.

*Crescent Shaped Vessel: Sumerian Tale of Altrahasis, Biblical Tale of Noah, Deluge Stories from Antiquity.

*Excised Concentric Line Pattern / Incised Linear Crack Network of the Kneeling Figure:   See the 'Orion-Factor'.

*The Crescent Shaped Vessel Structure  consisting of 3 Levels, a Window & Side Door:


 "A window shalt thou make to the ark...

finish it above; and the door... set in the side...

with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it."

Genesis 6: 16 KJV



Hologram Projections of Egyptian Mythology: 'The Eyes of Horus (Son of Osiris)...& the Boat of Stone'.




*The Helmet of the Chakte by Linda Schele and Khristaan Villela (March, 1994) ref. #63

*“A Nose Piercing Ceremony in the North Temple of The Great Ballcourt at Chichén Itzá” by Khristaan D. Villela and Rex Koontz (Feb. 1993)

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