Taurus...'the Bull of Heaven':

(Projections from the Genesis Petroglyph Side 2)

Research Note:

Projections from the Genesis Petroglyph Side 2...Optically Translated through a variable combination of the following factors:

Spectrum Specific Illumination...

Selective Spatial Perspective...

and Bi-Lateral Symmetry.

'Click for Details of the Process Method used to Develop Image Projections from Petro Photoglyphs.'



Taurus - the Celestial Constellation:

(A mirror projection of the Bull's Head aligns to the star pattern)

Spectrum Specific Illumination...Selective Spatial Position...Mirror Image.


Click the image for a full screen translation


Spectrum Specific Illumination...Bilateral Symmetry...Mirror Imaging...Star Pattern Overlay.



Taurus...The Bull of Heaven in Mythology & Religion:

Spectrum Specific Illumination...Selective Spatial Position...Bi-Lateral Symmetry


Spectrum Specific Illumination...Selective Spatial Position...Bi-Lateral Symmetry...Image Mask Enhancement.



Photo-Image Hologram-Codex Projections from Side 2 of

The Genesis Petroglyph:



The Epoch of Gilgamesh & the Ground Lion:


Click the Codex Projections for Full Image Translations.


Gilgamesh & the Bull of Heaven:



An Ancient Time-Capsule Cosmic Message:




A Stone Scribed Star Map...& the Winter Solstice - Lunar Eclipse of 2010:



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