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Petro Photoglyph Image Masks Developed onto Aluminum Plates

(width = 13" length = 6")

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Original Chromaluxe Panel Prints...Exclusive Offering:

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Stone Scribed Photo-Detailed Image Panels are Fabricated with 'YOUR' Choice of Background...YOUR Custom Design!

(Pictured: Beachfront Sunset - Clearwater, Fl. USA)



Or...Choose a Solid Color Background to Enhance your Petro Photoglyph Codex Projection!


Detailed Photographic-Image Codex Projections from Hologram Inscribed Stones...

'Petro Photoglyph Image Masks - Chromaluxe Panels'...:


Large (36" x 24" x 5/8") - $350.

Medium (30" x 20" x 5/8") - $250

Small (14" x 11" x 1/2") - $100

Aluminum Panels are also available in sizes up to 3' x 5' (36" x 60") laserles for details...!

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Stone Inscribed Hologram Codex Projections From:


The Genesis Petroglyph      &       The Unicorn Petroglyph


Stone Scribed Codex Projection Samples to choose from:

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1. 'The Eyes of HORUS Upon Us'



2. 'The Creature & The CREATOR'



3. 'From His Majesty's Temple Shrine'



4. 'Ascension of The Winged Disk'

Part 1



5. 'Ascension of The Winged Disk'

 Part 2



6. Images from the Altar



...Other Stone Scribed Hologram Codices...

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Rock Art by Laser Les...'Stone, Surf & Sunset Series'...:

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Rock Art by Laser Les...The Rock & Super Moon Series:


Custom Petro Photoglyph 'Rock Art' Panel Prints:

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* Select or Provide a Background Image...(minimum 300 DPI)

* Select a Color Persuasion...'Spectrum Specific Illumination Pattern'. 1-727-748-8724


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Why these Xenolinguistic Rock-Art Image Panels & Plates are...'So Unique'...:

* Hologram (whole recording) projections developed from 'petro photoglyphs' form a 'Visual Language Transcending All Barriers'.

* 'Stone Scribed Photographic Images' are visually perceived under spectrum specific conditions called 'The 4th Dimension'.

* The technology to inscribe hologram images onto the surface of stone (and cloth) is well beyond current capabilities.

(Note: A similar hologram inscription technology was applied to 'The Shroud of Turin' and the cloak of 'The Virgin of Guadalupe')

* Precision spectral and spatial imaging requirements to record the stone scribed projections makes them 'time capsule communications'.

* The ancient hologram stones project photo detailed images found in 'Scripture & Mythology'.



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