Hologram Projections from Inscribed Stones...

Petro (stone) Photoglyphs (photo engravings)

'The Platform for Global Contact with an Ancient & Highly Advanced Intelligence'

* In the year 1994 I discovered a collection of small inscribed stones capable of projecting streams of video images.

* I labeled these stone artifacts 'Petro Photoglyphs'...properly defined as  photographic recordings scribed onto stone surfaces.

* Petro Photoglyphs illustrated within this research website were surface samples discovered in the mid-western United States.

* A Petro Photoglyph will project streams of photo images defined as a hologram (whole recording)...forming a 'Visual Language'.

* A process method was formulated to illuminate and record the 'Hologram Projections within a Sphere of Spectral & Spatial Perception'.

* Modern technology is required to develop and translate the Petro Photoglyph inscriptions...defining them as 'Time-Capsule Projections'.

* Ancient Stone-Scribed Holograms... deciphered through our knowledge-database of: history, mythology, religion and astronomy.

* The 'Petro Photoglyph Images' developed within this research website are 'The Oldest Photographic Recordings Known to Humanity'.




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(Notice: Increase the magnification to view highly significant image detail within each development...)


The Genesis Petroglyph



The Unicorn Petroglyph


The Embedded Star Map

 The Ancient Deity Enki...Horus.

Mask of the Mayan...Pacal II,

The Ark...the Boat of Stone.


     Images of the Biblical


and the Leviathan.


    Details of the Stone

Inscribed Star Map.


The Sumerian Deity Enlil

& the Temple of Ekur.


    The Unicorn...Emerges

from the Creator's Arm.

    The Orion Connection

to the Ancient Images.

The Bull of Heaven:

Taurus & the Star Map.

    Across 2 Stones:

'The 3rd Eye Codex'.


A Stone Inscribed

'Time Capsule Message'.


* Click a Photograph of the Petro Photoglyph for a Description.

* Click a Link Beneath the Stone for Photo Image Codex Projections from the Artifact.

* The 'Process Method' developed to Illuminate...Record...& Decipher Stone Inscribed Hologram Codices.

* 'Practical Applications of the Process Method'...Optical & Spatial Translations of the Image Structures.

* The Research Report: Photographic Image Propagation From Small Petroglyphs'  (4.2 MB .pdf)



Over 150 Codex Developments...Ancient Stone Scribed Photo Image Messages

Photo-Detail-Image Codices from Scripture & Mythology...Hologram Projections...

Alien Communications from an Ancient & Highly Advanced Intelligence...

a Video Language and Functional Model for Xenolinguistics:





Click here for 'Contiguous Image-Codex Developments'...from the 'Motion-Dot-GIF-Gallery'


Online Articles & Tutorials Pertaining to Petro Photoglyph Research:

* Xenolinguistics 100: An Introduction to Deciphering the Highly Detailed Messages from an Ancient Alien Intelligence

* Xenolinguistics 101: 'The Archangels Gabriel & Michael Speak'

* Xenolinguistics 102: '3-Dimensional Hologram-Scribed Artifacts'

* Xenolinguistics 103: 'Transcribing Mythology & Scripture from an Alien Message Portal'

* Xenolinguistics 104: 'Ancient Stone Scribed Hologram Codex Messages Deciphered by Mythology & Scripture'

* Xenolinguistics 105: 'An Ancient Stone Inscribed with Images & Instructions for the Design & Fabrication of the Ark...'

* Xenolinguistics 106: 'Perception within a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination...'

* Xenolinguistics 201: 'Deciphering A Divine Portal Depicted As Tethered Avatars'

* Xenolinguistics 202: A Time-Capsule Tale an Ancient Alien Intelligence Transcending Time & Space

* Xenolinguistics 203: Understanding Evidence of Contact by an Ancient, Advanced, Unknown and Alien Intelligence

* Xenolinguistics 204: A Stone Inscribed Xenolinguistic Message…The 3rd Eye Codex

* Xenolinguistics 301: Eyes of the Alien…Projections from Photo Inscribed Stone.

* Xenolinguistics 302: The Ancient Stone Inscribed Star Map and Time-Capsule Message for Modern Mankind

* Xenolinguistics 303: The Ancient Stone Scribed Message for 12.21.2012

* Xenolinguistics 400: Petro Photoglyph Rock-Art Research...Theoretical Interpretations of Small Photo-Inscribed Stone Artifacts...

* Xenolinguistics 401: Deciphering a Stone Scribed Codex Using Modern Technology & Our Online Database of Collective Knowledge.

* An Ancient Stone Inscribed Star Map...A Modern Message For Mankind!

* Proof of Contact with an Alien Intelligence through the Realm of the 4th Dimension

* Alien Scribed Artifacts That Forever Changed The Persuasions Of Humanity

* Messages from an Ancient Alien Intelligence

* XENOLINGUISTICS…A Video Illustrating the 1st Empirical Example of Alien Contact …!

* The Unicorn Petroglyph...Deciphering Stone Tablet #1...'The 3rd Eye Codex'...(part 1)

* Tales within 2 Stones...Optical Translations of...2 Petro Photoglyphs



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'And Finally...To Quiet the Ravaged Mind ...Confused by All of This'

Words of Wisdom and Providence by the Respected Author, Scientist, Engineer and Discoverer...

Maurice Cotterell

"...accept that some people are ‘intellectually blind’ and that, therefore, there is no point in asking a blind man to describe the sunset.

 Moreover, the Bible points out that ‘God made some men blind, so that seeing they would not see’ – the purpose of the Parable .

The Popol Vuh likewise says that ‘God blew mist into the eyes of men, so that seeing they would not behold’."


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