The Genesis Petroglyph & the Orion Star Pattern

A Constellation and a Connection to the Prominent Glyphic Image...

Orion's Arrow:

Mirror Image Translations with Varied Levels of 'Spectrum Specific Illumination'


*A Mirror Image translation of the Prominent Glyphic Figure...Aligns to the Orion Star Pattern.

*Orion's Arrow is defined by a Linear Crack...'Inscribed Diagonally through the Back of the Image'.


Mythology of the Orion Star Pattern:

(An Image Embedded within the Mythology & Cosmology of many Ancient Civilizations)

The pattern in the constellation Orion was recognized as a human figure by many ancient cultures.

Orion's position on the Celestial Equator makes it visible all over our planet.  Ancient Indians saw the figure as a king who had been shot by an Arrow.

The Greek myths of Orion's death and subsequent placement in the sky...may also be connected to legends from other ancient cultures.

In one myth, Artemis fell in love with him and was tricked by her brother Apollo into...'Killing Orion with an Arrow'.

Source Reference:


...Original Image Developments and Descriptions of the Prominent Glyphic Figure...



Aligning the Prominent Glyphic Image to Orion:

The Orion Star Pattern...'Aligned to a Network of Linear Cracks'...Scribed within the Prominent Glyphic Image.


Spectrum Specific Illumination...Bi-Lateral Symmetry...Background Visual Data Elimination...Over-Layered Orion Star Pattern.

The Orion Star Pattern is Defined by a Precision Network of Linear Cracks Scribed within the Glyphic Figure.



Orion's Star 'Betelgeuse' is aligned to the...'Photo Detailed Eye' projecting from the Glyphic Image.

'This May Be the Way One Ancient Civilization Saw the Orion Star Pattern'




A Hologram Image Codex & the Orion Star Pattern:

*The Orion Star Pattern appears as a Network of Linear Incised Cracks of Varied Lengths and Widths.

*Points of Intersection and Terminations align to the Orion Constellation.



 A Star Map & the Petroglyph Codex Projection:

Egyptian Mythology...the Great Pyramid of Giza ...Aligned to Orion's Belt Star 'Alnitak'

Drawings Courtesy of Ellie Crystal's 'Crystal Links'


*The Prominent Glyphic Figure Emerging from the Great Pyramid...

*Orion, the Star Pattern, Inscribed within the Glyphic Image...

*A Celestial Alignment of the Great Pyramid to the star 'Alnitak' in Orion's belt.



Observations...Descriptions and Translations of the Star Pattern & Image Projections:

*The Glyphic Image deciphered: the Deity Enki from Sumeria, Poseidon the Greek Deity, Lord Pacal of Palenque the Mayan Deity.

*Helmet with the Side Mounted and Front Facing Horn: Characteristic of the Sumerian Deity.

*Suit with a Pair of Wings Attached to the Back: Descriptive Element of the Sumerian Deity Enki.

*Strapped Down Helmet: Reference to the Mesoamerican Deity 'Lord Pacal'.  Mesoamerican Ceremonial Headdress - Chakté

*Emerging from a Pyramid at the Base of the Foot: Mesopotamian Ziggurat, Egyptian and Mesoamerican Pyramid.

 *Precision Overlay (out from the surface) of Concentric Lines and Patterns: Details from the Original Development of The Glyphic Figure.

*Pyramid (border of three excise lines & a triangular surface incision): association to the Orion star pattern.

*Arrow Penetrates the Glyphic Figure: "Mythology & Cosmology...killing Orion with an arrow."


*The Arrow...a Precision Linear Incision: mythology of Orion & the connection to the Sumerian Deity Enki.

*Intersecting Network of Linear Cracks varying in Width and Length...Incised within the Figure: Inlay forming the Orion Star Pattern.



The Genesis Petroglyph:

*A 'Photo Image Generator' projecting Places and Events...detailed within our 'Database of Knowledge'.

*A 'Hologram Codex' and 'Cosmic Map'...'translated by Ancient Humanity through Mythology & Religion'.

*A 'Time-Capsule Message'...requires 'Modern Technology to View & Record the Hologram Projections.

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*“A Nose Piercing Ceremony in the North Temple of The Great Ballcourt at Chichén Itzá” by Khristaan D. Villela and Rex Koontz (Feb. 1993)

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