The Orion Codex...a Stone Scribed Hologram Message:

(Glyphic Image Projections from the Genesis Petroglyph)

Details of the Process Method Required to Optically Translate the Codex-Developments Herein...:

Selective Spectrum Illumination...Bilateral Symmetry...Star Map Overlay


A Glyphic Image Codex...Aligned to the Orion Star Pattern:

* 'Orion - the Star Pattern' scribed within the Image of the 'Ancient Deity who Saved Humanity'.

* The Ancient Deity emerging from the Great Pyramid holding the 'Vessel of Salvation'...

* The Great Pyramid...aligned to the Orion Star Pattern...

Reference: Altrahasis and Genesis 6:


...A Process Method to Illuminate and Record Hologram Projections from Petro Photoglyphs...

...Practical Applications of the Process Method Developed to Translate Petro Photoglyph Images...


 Details of a Hologram Codex and Star Map...Mirrored Mask Image...'Projected Eye' is cropped and magnified.


'The Orion-Horus Codex...'A Projection From The Genesis Petroglyph'

"Seth challenged Horus to a boat race...determining the fate of humanity...they each raced in a boat made of stone!

Horus had made his boat of wood painted to resemble stone... Seth's boat, being made of heavy stone, sank.

 Horus won the race...Seth stepped down and officially gave the throne of Egypt to Horus."



The Mesopotamian Connection to the Orion Codex:


*Sumerian Relief Codices depicting ENKI wearing a 'Helmet with Side-Mounted Horns'.

*Top Left Relief: ENKI (center)...Altrahasis (right)...his wife (left)...the 'Crescent Shaped Vessel' (below).



Detailed Facial Image Projections of the Prominent Glyphic Figure from the Genesis Petroglyph



 the master shaper of the world, god of wisdom and of all magic.

He is the lord of the Apsu (Akkadian, Abzu in Sumerian, hence perhaps the Greek and English word "abyss"),

the freshwater ocean of groundwater under the earth...His symbols included a goat and a fish..."

Enki also assisted humanity to survive the Deluge designed to kill them...

Enki...tells of Enlil's plan to the walls of Atrahasis' reed hut, thus covertly rescuing the man...

...instructing him to build some kind of a boat for his family..."




A Mesopotamian and Egyptian Deity...

the Mask of Pacal II of Palenque:



*The Mayan Pacal II of Palenque    *The Sumerian Deity Enki (lower pair of lips)   *Enki Holding his Goat Effigy

...Click for Original Developments and Descriptions of the Prominent Glyphic Figure...



The Mesoamerican Connection to the Orion Codex:

(Image in the Mask of the Mayan Deity Pacal II)



"Pacal the Great was worshiped as a god, and said to communicate with his descendants.

Pacal the Great was buried within the Temple of Inscriptions,

one of the only Mayan Pyramids known to be used as a tomb..."



The Sarcophagus Lid of Pacal II...and Image Mask Projections from the Genesis Petroglyph:

* Sarcophagus Lid Photo & Sketch of the Kneeling Mayan Deity.

* A Crescent Shaped Vessel Beneath the Image of Pacal II.

* Photo-Glyphic Projections of the Sumerian Deity ENKI holding the Ark.





The Sarcophagus Lid of Pacal II & Various Image Mask Projections from the Genesis Petroglyph:

developments incorporating...Spectrum Specific Illumination...Bi-Lateral Symmetry


Detailed Similarities in the Codex Projections...:

* Figures in both Codices are profiled from the Left...with the Right Arm extended outward.

* The Figures appear...emerging from a Symbolic Structure...with Two Legs Folded Back.

* Both Figures touch Symbolic-Structures...the 'Tree of Life' and the 'Ark'...with the Right Hand.

* Both Figures hold 'Epitaphs' serving to Identify-Them with their Left Hand.

* Figures in both Codices receive...the 'Mayan-Ascension-Ritual...Piercing-the-Nose'.

* The image of a Crescent Shaped Vessel is observed in both Codices.



Ritual Nose Piercing the 'Mask of Pacal II':



Codex Relief Inscriptions from Chichén Itzá...The Mayan Ritual of 'Piercing the Nose'.

“We now understand that Mayan and Mixtec nose piercing rituals accompanied both royal accessions and elevation to noble status”.

“The North Temple nose piercing, accession and founding events are closely related to the

founding-war portrayed in the murals of the Upper Temple of the Jaguars in the same ballcourt complex”.

Source: (




Projection: The 'Nose-Piercing Ascension Ritual of the Mayan Deity...Pacal II'.

Image-Sketch of Pacal II (Left)...The Sumerian Deity Enki (Right)




A Stone Inscribed Photo-Glyphic Image Projection:

* The Sumerian Deity 'ENKI' wears the Mask of Mayan Deity 'Pacal II'.

* Nose of the Mask is Pierced by a Vector from the Jaguar Effigy.


Hologram Projections of the 'Enki...Horus & Pacal II Codex'




A Stone Scribed Hologram Codex:

 (the 'Sumerian Deity Enki'...the 'Egyptian Deity Horus'...& a 'Mask Detailing the Image of the Mayan Deity Pacal II')

* Ascension 'Ritual Nose Piercing' to the Mask of Pacal II worn by the Sumerian Deity ENKI.

* ENKI...identified by the 'Fish & Goat Epitaphs' and 'the Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation'.

* The Mask of Pacal II...Identified by 'the Jaguar Effigy & Strapped-Down Chakté Helmet.

* 'A Vector-Radiated from the Jaguar-Effigy...Pierces the Nose of the Pacal II Mask...worn by the DEITY-ENKI.


...Original Image Developments from the Surface of The Genesis Petroglyph...



Symbolism in the Stone Scribed Hologram Codex:

(Tethered Deities...the Orion Connection)


Signatures & Symbolism Deciphered from this Codex Projection:

* GODS: the Sumerian Deity ENKI defined by the Goat & Fish Epitaphs...the Egyptian Deity Horus defined by the projected EYE.

* The Epoch of Gilgamesh Tale 'Altrahasis' and the Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation...Horus & the 'Boat of Stone'.

* The Deities wear the Nose-Pierced Mask of Pacal II (Accession Ritual found in Codices from Chichén Itzá).

* The Jaguar Effigy of the Mayan Pacal II of Palenque....Radiating to Pierce the Nose in the Mask.

* An Arrow Pierces the Deity ENKI...defined through Mythologies of Orion from Ancient Civilizations.

* The Great Pyramid...aligned to Orion...defined by Tethered Sumerian...Egyptian... & Mayan Deities.



Detail & Architecture of the Crescent Shaped Vessel:


"A window shalt thou make to the ark... finish it above;

 and the door... set in the side... with lower, second, and third stories

 shalt thou make it."

Genesis 6: 16 KJV


An Ancient Communication: the Orion Star Pattern...the Ark... and the Sumerian Deity ENKI.



A Stone Scribed Hologram Codex:


* Images of an Ancient Deity and the Orion Star Pattern.

* The Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation...the Boat of Stone...the Ark.

* An Ancient Deity emerging from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

* Defined Deities ENKI of Mesopotamia & HORUS of Egypt.

* An Ascension-Ritual Nose-Pierced Mask of the Mayan Pacal II.

* The End of the Mayan Calendar...Understanding 'Ancient-Knowledge-Lost'...2012.




Ancient Time-Capsule Message To Modern Humanity:

* The Mesopotamian Connection Detailing A Cosmic Event.

* The Mayan Connection Detailing the Time Element.

* The Stone Scribed Star Map Providing Coordinates of a Celestial Event.

Enki...tells of Enlil's plan to the walls of Altrahasis' reed hut, thus covertly rescuing the man...

The Genesis Petroglyph:

* Image of a Deity who saved humanity... understood by civilizations since the beginning of recorded history.

* 'Fish & Goat' Effigies identify the Sumerian Deity 'ENKI'...'Photo-Detailed Eye identifies the Egyptian Deity Horus.

* The Jaguar Effigy projecting from the face and the Mayan Strapped-Down 'Chakté Helmet' defines Lord Pacal II.

* The 'Ascension Ritual Nose-Pierced Mask of Pacal II'...worn by the Deity touching the Crescent Shaped Vessel.

* Orion's Star Pattern embedded within the image of the Deity ENKI and Horus...emerging from the Great Pyramid.

* An Arrow inscribed diagonally through the back of the Deity identifies Orion from Ancient Mythology.

* Mythology pertaining to Orion who was shot with an arrow in the water...ENKI who reigned as 'Lord of the Waters'.

"A Mesopotamian & Mesoamerican connection to the Orion Constellation...the Mayan Calendar & the year 2012."





*The Helmet of the Chakte by Linda Schele and Khristaan Villela (March, 1994) ref. #63

*“A Nose Piercing Ceremony in the North Temple of The Great Ballcourt at Chichén Itzá”by Khristaan D. Villela and Rex Koontz (Feb. 1993)

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