The Cosmic Star Map & Codex Communication:

A Stone Scribed Star Map & Time-Capsule Image Message Projection from...the Genesis Petroglyph.

(Click for Original Developments of this Ancient Hologram-Video Codex)


*A Mirror Image Projection of the Artifact Aligns to the Orion Star Pattern.

*The Star Map is detailed by an 'Incised Network of Linear Cracks'.

*Precision Lengths & Intersections of the Incised Network defines the Orion Star Pattern.



Part 1: Aligning the Glyphic Figure in the Genesis Petroglyph to the Orion Star Pattern.

Part 2: Details Linking Mythology & Cosmology of Orion to the Prominent Glyphic Figure.

...Details of a Process Method Translating the Hologram Projections from Petro Photoglyphs...




*The Genesis Petroglyph Projects Photographs of the Ancient Sumerian God (Enki)...'He Who Saved Humanity'.

*The Prominent Glyphic Image is defined by 'His Epitaphs & Symbols of...the Goat...the Fish...and the Ark'.

*The Ancient Deity wears a 'Ritualized...Nose Pierced Mask' depicting the 'Mayan Lord Pacal II of Palenque'.

*The Mask Image of the Mayan Deity Pacal II is identified by the 'Epitaph & Symbol of the Jaguar and Serpent'.

*The 'Orion Star Pattern' is etched into and inscribed within 'Prominent Glyphic Figure' as a 'Network of Linear Cracks'.

*The Glyphic Figure is linked to the 'Mythical Image of Orion' through an 'Arrow Scribed within the Incised Network'.

*'The Ancient God emerges from the Great Pyramid'...known to be aligned with the 'Orion Belt Star Alnitak'.

*An Ancient Stone Scribed Star Map with 'Precise Celestial Coordinates...Trajectory...Course & Time-Frame of a Cosmic Event'.


'Commencing in the year 2012...the 'NEW 1492'...these 'Ancient Stone Scribed Hologram Codices' will be understood as...

'1st Contact with an Advanced Alien Intelligence'



Mirrored Projection....................Click a CODEX for Details and an Enlargement....................Visually Correct



 Aligning the Petroglyph Star Map to the Hologram Codex:



*The Genesis Petroglyph facilitates at least three (3) distinct 'Orion Star Pattern Sizes'.

*The Pattern Size in this model aligns to the Orion Star 'Betelgeuse' or 'The Eye of ENKI'... projecting from the Glyphic Figure.



The Petroglyph Star Map Alignment Procedure:


1. Draw 'Orion's Arrow' from the Figure's back...Trace the Diagonally Inscribed Line...the 'Top-most Linear Fracture of the 2 Fletching Marks'.

2. Draw a straight line between the 'Stars Betelgeuse & Saiph'...This star pattern is aligned with the Glyphic Figure & the 'Eye of ENKI'.

3. Locating the 'Sirius Star System'...Trace a Vector along the 'Large Linear Fissure or Crack'...continue to intersect the Star...'Nu'.

4. 'Orion's Arrow' & the 'Linear Vector from Sirius'...will intersect the straight line connecting the two stars at 90 angles.

5.  Draw a '2nd Linear Vector'...Start with the 'Diversion Point of the Linear Scribe Mark defined by the 1st Vector'.

6. The 2nd Vector defines a 'Celestial Course'...To be referenced by the stars 'Alnitak and Nu' at 72 & 18.



Cosmic Coordinate Assignment to the Petroglyph Map:

(Celestial Coordinates Epoch: 2000 A.D.)



*Cosmic Coordinate designations in the Genesis Petroglyph...provide a 'Spatial-Factor' to the Message.

*The Alignment of the Orion Star Map to the Great Pyramid of Giza...provides a 'Time-Factor' to the Message.

*A Trajectory of Circular Markers through the Star Pattern...Vector towards the Pyramid...define the 'Course of a Cosmic Object'.



Magnification of the Stone Surface Detailing 'A Vector of Circular Markers'...identifying the 'Course of a Cosmic Object'.



Coordinates of the 'Celestial Object' in the Star Map:

(Epoch: 2000 AD)




* 'Size of the Orion Star Pattern' displayed in this Projection Overlay was increased with respect to Previous Models.

* Approximate Cosmic Coordinates of the Celestial Object at Spatial-Time Locations #1 and #2 (defined by the Star Map above).

* 'Spatial Perspective...Datum Point' for this Stone Scribed Star Map is defined as the 'Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau, Egypt.

* The Time-Capsule Message & Star Map: 'In the Celestial Space between Sirius & Orion...A Cosmic Body defined by the Great Pyramid.



The 'Space & Time Element' of the Petroglyph Star Map:

('Time-Element or Factor': Network is Inscribed with '3 Alignment Patterns from Orion's Belt Stars to the Great Pyramid')


*An Expanded Development (.jpg) of the 'Orion-Pyramid...Time-Space Factor' in the Genesis Petroglyph.

*A Theoretical Model of the Orion-Pyramid-Pendulum (27MB.pdf)...based the 'Orion-Pyramid Alignment Theory'.

(Note: Adapted to the Genesis Petroglyph from an Online Model...developed through the research and discovery of Scott Creighton)




Visual Information from this Stone Scribed...Time-Capsule...Hologram-Codex...Details:

*Who THEY Are...

*Where THEY Are...

*When THEY Are Coming...

...Our 'Ark of Salvation'...May Just Be the 'Hubble Telescope'...

...And a small hologram inscribed stone called a...Petro Photoglyph...




*Enki (DEN.KI(G)) was a deity in Sumerian mythology - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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*Celestron 'The Sky' Star Map Program.  Software developed by Bisque:

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