Xenolinguistic Tutorials...Videos...& Petro Photoglyph Research Articles


The Only Available Resource on Earth Translating Time-Capsule Stone-Scribed Communications

from an 'Ancient Alien Intelligence'.



Xenolinguistic Tutorials...:


Xenolinguistics 100:

An Introduction to Deciphering the Highly Detailed Messages from an Ancient Alien Intelligence


Xenolinguistics 101:

The Archangels Gabriel and Michael Speak


Xenolinguistics 102:

3-Dimensional Hologram-Scribed Alien Artifacts


Xenolinguistics 103:

Transcribing Mythology and Scripture from an Alien Message Portal


Xenolinguistics 104:

Ancient Stone Scribed Hologram Codex Messages Deciphered by Mythology & Scripture


Xenolinguistics 105:

An Ancient Stone Inscribed with Images and Instructions for the Design and Fabrication of the Ark the Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation


Xenolinguistics 106:

Perception within a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination…the Key to Understanding an Alien Language of Inscribed Hologram Projections.


Xenolinguistics 201:

Deciphering A Divine Portal Depicted As Tethered Avatars


Xenolinguistics 202:

A Time-Capsule Tale an Ancient Alien Intelligence Transcending Time and Space


Xenolinguistics 203:

Understanding Evidence of Contact by an Ancient, Advanced, Unknown and Alien Intelligence


Xenolinguistics 204:

A Stone Inscribed Xenolinguistic Message…The 3rd Eye Codex


Xenolinguistics 301:

Eyes of the Alien…Projections from Photo Inscribed Stone


Xenolinguistics 302:

The Ancient Stone Inscribed Star Map and Time-Capsule Message for Modern Mankind


Xenolinguistics 303:

The Ancient Stone Scribed Message for 12.21.2012


Xenolinguistics 400:

Petro Photoglyph Rock-Art Research...Theoretical Interpretations of Small Photo-Inscribed Stone Artifacts...Discovered in the Year 1994


Xenolinguistics 401:

Deciphering a Stone Scribed Codex Using Modern Technology & Our Online Database of Collective Knowledge



Petro Photoglyph Research Articles...:


* Photographic Image Propagation from Small Petroglyphs

* 1st Contact - The Video (Genesis Petroglyph Side 1 Position 2)

* The Unicorn Petroglyph...Deciphering Stone Tablet #1...'The 3rd Eye Codex'...(part 1)

* Tales within 2 Stones...Optical Translations of...2 Petro Photoglyphs

* Alien Scribed Artifacts that Forever Changed the Persuasions of Humanity

* This is Absolute Proof of Contact

* How God Speaks to Us

* Ancient Stone Etch DVDs Are Time Capsule Messages To Modern Humanity

* The Unicorn - Photographic Projections from a Stone

* Ancient Hologram Recordings Etched in Stone Provide Proof Of Contact With An Unknown Intelligence

* Ancient Hologram Stones Project Photo Detailed Bible Images

* The 4th Dimension...Perception with Spectrum Specific Illumination

* Here is Scientific Proof of Contact with an Alien Intelligence


References & Contributions to the Database of Knowledge...:


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Videos Pertaining to Petro Photoglyph Research...:


* Tales within 2 Stones

* The Unicorn Petroglyph...Deciphering Stone Tablet -1 (part 1)

* Real-Time Hologram Codex Developments from the Genesis Petroglyph...Side 1 - Position 2

* A Xenolinguistic Message...the Unicorn & the Golden Fleece Part 1

* Petro Photoglyphs...A Portal to the Messages of an Ancient Alien Intelligence

* Hologram Codex Projections from the Genesis Petroglyph...A Petro Photoglyph

* LaserLes-Multi-Dimensional Alien Artifacts-Hour 1

* Ancient Mysteries Part 7


Available Online Interviews...:


1. Interview...: January 22nd, 2015

Receive Your Online Degree in 'Functional Xenolinguistics'...

Deciphering Stone-Scribed...Photo-Detail...Hologram Codex Communications from Petro Photoglyphs.

Documented Research Material...: Xenolinguistics 100 - Xenolinguistics 401



2. Interview...recorded: 06.27.2012

Material proof & scientific evidence of Time-Capsule Alien Communications.

'Functional Xenolinguistics 101 through 106'...the Language of an Ancient Alien Intelligence.


3. Interview...recorded: 01.31.2012

'The Portal to an Ancient and Advanced Intelligence will be Opened'.

Laserles deciphers 2 very significant 'Alien Communications...Codex Projections'...

from Hologram Scribed Stones...'Petro Photoglyphs'...relevant to the year 2012.


4. Interview...recorded: 02.14.2011

Hologram images projecting from Petro Photoglyphs appear as the 'Ghosts of Those...We Called GOD'.

Scribed stone artifacts...a portal to an ancient and advanced intelligence...and to the unknown!


5. Interview...recorded: 01.21.2011

with Mike Quinsey (BBS Internet Radio) Host of 'Connecting The Light'.


6. Interview...recorded: September 16th, 2010

'The Holy Grail And The Nefilim' with researcher Laser Les

"The discovery of Petro Photoglyphs (photo inscribed stones) in 1994 provides the platform for contact & communication from

an ancient and highly advanced intelligence...who tell us they are the One called The Nefilim."





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