Research Notes Pertaining to Petro Photoglyphs...:

 * Images developed from petro photoglyphs provide the oldest photographs known to humanity.

* The projected images form visual messages (codices) transcending the language barriers.

* Stone carved holograms...scribed by an advanced inscription technology (similar to Photolithography).

* Technology required to view petro photoglyph images defines them as 'Ancient Time Capsule Communications'.


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The Genesis Petroglyph                   The Unicorn Petroglyph


Click a 'Thumbnail or Link' below to see the Photo-Detailed...Hologram-Codex Projection from the 'Petro Photoglyph':



Photo Image Projection of the Deity:                              Photo Image Projection of The Creature:

Enki - Sumerian                                                          The Unicorn

 Horus - Egyptian                                                          The Behemoth

  Pacal II - Mayan                                                          The Leviathan



  Codex Altrahasis...Genesis 6                                             Biblical Creature of JOB 39 - 41

The Mayan Connection & Visual Message                                      Quetzalcoatl & the Popol Vuh      



The Deluge and Salvation of Humanity                                            The Creature & The Creator           

     The Altrahasis & Genesis 6                                                  The Unicorn Emerges From God's Arm




The Eyes Of The Egyptian Deity Horus                                 Quetzalcoatl - The Feathered Serpent

Horus  (Son of Osiris) & The Boat of Stone                                  Tethered To The Biblical Unicorn      




         An Ancient Time Capsule Communication                   Computer Image Analysis of The Unicorn           



Enlil (Sumerian) & Ekur (House of the Mountain)              Visual Projections of Biblical Scripture:

Zeus (Grecian) & The Realm of Mt. Olympus                              The Behemoth of JOB 40        

                                                                                       The Arm of Jesus...The Crucifixion of Luke 23



     Case Study: Pareidolia                                                Case Study: Biblical Scripture

and a                                                                                   and a

Stone Scribed Image Codex                                             Stone Scribed Image Codex



Codex Altrahasis                                                              The 'Third Eye Codex'

A Time Capsule Message To Humanity                                 Emissary & Avatars of The Creator



The 'Rod of Hermes Codex'                                                           The 'Golden Fleece Codex'

   DNA...God's Crooked Serpent...The Caduceus                             The Garment Adorning The Unicorn          


A Stone Inscribed Star Map & Time Capsule Message



 A Portal Connecting An Ancient & Highly Advanced Intelligence To Humanity of the 21st century.



                   Gilgamesh & The Ground Lion                              Ishtar & The Bull of Heaven        Enki (Ea) and the Ark

Visual Codex Projections: The Epoch of Gilgamesh



Hologram Photo-Image Codices from Petro Photoglyphs:



















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Photographic Image Projections from Inscribed Stone Artifacts:

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