A Stone Scribed Hologram Message Deciphered from the Unicorn Petroglyph:

An Ancient Alien Communication...A Functional Example of Xenolinguistics...'The 3rd Eye Codex'.



The Unicorn Petroglyph...a Petro Photoglyph or Photo Scribed Stone.

 The artifact was discovered with a Horizontal Fracture through the Center.

Highly detailed contiguous photo image communications project as holograms from the smooth inside stone surfaces.

Hologram projections from the Unicorn Petroglyph tell a story of...Tethered Avatars...the Omniscient 3rd Eye & Emissary of GOD...! 



'The 3rd Eye Codex'

Image Developments from the Inside Stone Surfaces of the Unicorn Petroglyph:

The Unicorn Petroglyph Stone #1 Bottom              The Unicorn Petroglyph Stone #2 Top


Deciphering an Ancient Time-Capsule Message within a

'Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination & Spatial Specific Perception'

(reference: The Process Method)


Tethered Avatars of Stone Tablet 1:


'The Unicorn'

...a Creature described in the 'Book of JOB Chapters 39-41'...


Image Projections of the Unicorn Developed with Spectrum Specific Illumination


Descriptive Elements of the Stone Scribed Projections are found in the Verses of the KJV Bible:

* the Unicorn of JOB 39

* the Behemoth of JOB 40

* the Leviathan of JOB 41



the Mesoamerican 'Feathered Serpent:


Tethered Avatars Project a Visual Codex...A Link Between the Bible of Old World and the Popol Vuh of the New World.


Color Cropped Positive....Spectrum Specific Illumination...Grayscale Negative with Image Isolation.


Practical Application of the Process Method used to Define & Develop the Stone Scribed Codices

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The Emissary of Stone Tablet 1:


'Birdman Stone Artifact Image' copyrighted by Peter A. Bostrom


'Egyptian Amulet Image' courtesy of Dr. John Ward...The Sirius Project


'Dimensional Transmutation'...

A Codex projection of the 'Portal to Kingship on Earth'

(The Emissary is further identified by the appearance of the Hebrew Letter Tzadik ץ Signifying the 'Righteous One')



The Omniscient 3rd Eye of Stone 1:

 The Emissary & the Portal to Kinship on Earth...the Unicorn & Quetzalcoatl...Icon & the Avatars of the 3rd Eye.

(click on an image for an enlargement)


Hologram Image Projections...An Ancient Stone Scribed Video Message...'The 3rd Eye Codex'

Detailed Developments of 'The 3rd Eye Codex' under conditions of 'Spatial Perspective & Spectrum Specific Illumination'.



Stone Tablet 2...Tethered Kingdoms:

'The 3rd Eye Codex'...a 2-Part Hologram Message continues...



The 'Omniscient Emissary' Transcends the 'Altar & Portal' as described in Stone #1.

The Emissary in Stone #2: Seated upon a Throne...holding a Scepter (Viewpoint: Rear-Left-Side).


Artist’s Conception of Shambhala…the Kingdom Capitol at Kalapa                     `Petro Photoglyph Projection of Kalapa, Shambhala
(Image courtesy of…: http://uncharted.wikia.com/wiki/Shambhala)                     (Image projection from the ‘Unicorn Petroglyph’)

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The 3rd Eye Codex...Projections from the Unicorn Petroglyph:

Stone #1...Quetzalcoatl & The Unicorn (Avatars)...the Emissary transcends a Portal...the 3rd Eye.

Stone #2...The Tethered Emissary Transcends the Portal to Build the Kingdoms of Earth.


Deciphered by Mythology & Religion:

The Acropolis of Athens...a Temple Complex constructed for the Tethered Emissary...


Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acropolis_of_Athens

Selective Spectrum & Spatial Perspective developments from Stone #2:

An Ancient 'Wonder of the World'...The Parthenon & The Acropolis Complex of Athens.

Known as Cecropia to the Ancient Grecian...after the legendary serpent-man, Cecrops, the first Athenian king.

(Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecrops_I)



Emissaries of the 3rd Eye Codex:



Details include a Tethered Helmet...a Mask with Squared-Eye Sockets...

To the Ancient 'Dogon' He was 'Nommo' from the 'Sirius Star System'

Wearing a 'Tethered Helmet & Facemask with Rectangular Eye-ports...Prototype of the 'Dogon Walu Mask'.



Projected Image Developments...Changing Spectrum & Spatial Parameters:


Hologram Images Developed by Adjusting the Spatial Position & Spectrum Illumination of the Stone Surface


Click any Image for an Enlarged Development


Projected Image Developments...Changing Spectrum & Focal Parameters:


Hologram Images Developed by Adjusting Spectrum Illumination & Focal Point of the Stone Surface



Image Codices Deciphered from the Hologram Projections:


Hologram Codex Projections...Deciphered & Translated using the Database of Human Knowledge.



Stone-Scribed Hologram-Codices...Time-Capsule Messages...the Platform of 1st Contact: 

Petro Photoglyphs

The only research entity on earth dedicated to deciphering stone scribed messages...Xenolinguistics...

or the Unknown Language of an ancient and advanced intelligence who...'talks the talk of One called...God'.




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