Xenolinguistics 100: An Introduction to Deciphering the Highly Detailed Messages from an Ancient Alien Intelligence

'Rock-Art Research from Laserles'...theoretical interpretations of small photo-inscribed stone artifacts...discovered in the year 1994

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A Platform Hosting Communications from an 'Ancient & Alien Entity'...

Understood to be a 'Visual-Language of Photo-Detailed...Hologram-Codex-Messages'...

Projecting from the 'Surfaces of Small Inscribed Stones' labeled...

'Petro Photoglyphs'.

Platforms used for the Transmission of Information ...Media both Ancient & Modern that Requires 'Physical Translation or Transduction'

 in order to be Perceived & Understood as a Communication.


When properly illuminated...Petro Photoglyphs become detailed Photo Image Message Generating Artifacts.

A vast 'collection or library' of Petro Photoglyph artifacts were discovered as...

'surface samples on private land'...after a summer of torrential flooding

 in an area of the Mid-Western USA...close to the Mississippi River .  The year was 1994.

Petro Photoglyph Codex Translations...facilitated under conditions of:

 Spectrum Specific Illumination...Spatial Specific Perception...and Bi-Lateral Symmetry.


Petro Photoglyph Artifacts project image stories or codices in photographic detail when properly illuminated.

The method of optical image translation developed for the purpose of this research was labeled...

'Spectrum Specific Illumination' .


Modern methods for 'transmitting information' similarly require...'Physical Translation or Transduction of the Messages'.

Examples of this include...a 'DVD Player' that is Required to Translate the 'DVD Disk'...

and the 'WiFi Transceiver', Required in order to Transduce the Radio-Frequency (RF) Signals

and Communications Seen as your 'Wireless-Internet'...:


* Petro Photoglyph Artifacts...Ancient Communications Inscribed onto Small Stones by a Highly Advanced Technology.

* Petro Photoglyph Artifacts...Photo-Detailed Messages from an Ancient Intelligence forming an Unknown Language called 'Xenolinguistics'.

* Petro Photoglyph Artifacts...Translated & Transcribed into Mythology & Scripture Known Throughout the History of Mankind.

* Petro Photoglyph Artifacts...Require Modern Technology to Decipher...making them Time-Capsule Communications.


The Unicorn Petroglyph...an Ancient Platform and Portal for the 'Transmission of Information using an Advanced Inscription Technology'...

Translated within a Sphere of 'Spectrum Specific Illumination'


A Xenolinguistic Message Transcribed into the Mythologies & Scriptures of Mankind.

Three-Dimensional Hologram Image Codices...Contributing to...& Understood through the 'Database of Human Knowledge'...

'Providing ANSWERS to those QUESTIONS...You Never Thought Possible...!'



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