Xenolinguistics 102: 3-Dimensional Hologram-Scribed Alien Artifacts

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In a world of modern cutting-edge technology...one incredible scientific fact can be readily understood,

verified, and substantiated with a few simple clicks of your mouse:

'We now have undeniable proof of communications from a 'Highly Advanced Alien Intelligence.'

Contact with an Unknown Advanced Alien Intelligence...though not as we would have expected...

in the form of electro-magnetic bleeps from the cosmos.

Instead, we have been contacted through certain time-capsule artifacts that have been inscribed with...

'Hologram Codices or Stories' when properly 'lit-up'...or subjected to a field of...Spectrum Specific Illumination.

Hologram inscribed artifacts made of fiber and stone that will project perfect 3-dimensional hologram communications.

Time-capsule artifacts that require modern technology to light-up so as to optically translate and understand the visual messages.

Alien communications without the boundaries of written or spoken languages.

Forged by an inscription technology well in advance of modern capabilities.


One such artifact is known as...the Sacred Shroud of Turin.

The artifact was 'Carbon-14' dated to the 14th century and was discovered to require perception within

a sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination...or a 'Negative Field'.


Perception of 'The Sacred Shroud of Turin' within a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination...

Positive to Negative Fields with  Bi-lateral Symmetry - Right.


Another hologram scribed alien artifact...

discovered in the 16th century has come to be known as...

the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The sacred tilma or cloak when perceived within a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination clearly deciphers hologram properties of the artifact.

The Tilma subjected to various fields of Spectrum Specific Illumination.


Petro Photoglyphs or photo inscribed stones, discovered in 1994

project hologram messages & micro-image codices in 3-dimensions...

when perceived within a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination and Spatial Specific Perspective.


When the projected image codex is further subjected to a '3rd dimension of magnification'...

sub-codex micro-images appear with photographic detail...

information projecting from the hologram message is significantly increased.


(click for an enlargement)

Sub-codex micro-images from the deck of the 'crescent shaped vessel' in the Genesis Petroglyph.


Micro-Image Sub-Codex: The Man & the Monkey


Micro-Image Sub-Codex: the Man & the Giraffe


Micro Image Sub-Codex: the Venous Figure - Woman


Micro Image Sub-Codex: Anatomical Components of the Man & the Woman


A Micro-Image...Sub-Codex...Hologram Inscribed Message from the Genesis Petroglyph


Embedded Micro-Image Sub-Codex Hologram Image Structures...:

One very significant property of the The Virgin of Guadalupe artifact was discovered in the year 1979 when:

Dr. Jose Aste Tonsmann, Ph D,  a graduate of Cornell University, while working at IBM,

scanned a high resolutions photograph, taken from the original, of the face on the tilma.

After filtering and processing the digitized images of the eyes to eliminate "noise" and enhancement,

he reports an astonishing discovery: not only the "human bust" was clearly present in both eyes,

but other human figures were seen reflected in the eyes."

(reference: www.sancta.org/eyes.html)


(Click the image panel for an enlargement)


Developments from the 'Eyes of the Virgin'

 capture detailed images of the individuals who were present when the 'Tilma' was first discovered.

Clear...substantial...scientific evidence illustrating an unknown and highly advanced 3-dimensional hologram inscription technology.

Visual images defined within the 3rd dimension...a dimension of magnification revealing micro-image sub-codices...

projections that further increase the scope of the projected communications from these inscribed video-image message-generators.



3-Dimensional Hologram-Scribed Artifacts...Forged by a Highly Advanced & Alien Technology.

Image projections & communications forming an unknown language of video-messages...

codices...and stories...we call Xenolinguistics.

This will eventually be understood as 'Scientific Proof of Contact from an Advanced Alien Intelligence'.

Transcribed into the Realms of Mythology and Scripture...

Understood within the Realm of the Collective Human Consciousness...!


'The Oldest Photos Known...Scribed in Stone' 

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