Xenolinguistics 105: An Ancient Stone Inscribed with Images and Instructions

for the Design and Fabrication of the Ark...the 'Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation'...!

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In the past 12,500 years, a plethora of information has been accumulated

 pertaining to details in the construction and function

of what is known to mankind as the ‘Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation…the Ark’.

No designs, schematics, drawings, images, or scriptural references have been uncovered providing greater detail

than the hologram projections from a small inscribed stone called…the Genesis Petroglyph.

A ‘petro photoglyph or photo inscribed rock’, the Genesis Petroglyph provides graphic details as to

both the construction and function of the crescent shaped vessel known as the Ark.

Details of a great flood and the crescent shaped vessel of salvation

have been identified in over 150 civilizations throughout the history of mankind.

The first documented reference to the ‘deluge’ was an ancient tale deciphered from clay tablets,

inscribed with the earliest known form of writing called cuneiform.

From what has been called ‘the Epoch of Gilgamesh', is the story of

Altrahasis who saw favor in the eyes of God…the Sumerian Deity Enki.

Altrahasis was provided with a detailed set of instructions and told

to build a vessel of precise dimension, structure and materials.


The Mesopotamian clay tablet scribed in cuneiform...deciphered & understood as the 'Tale of Altrahasis'.

(reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bm-epic-g.jpg)


Defying the ‘Pantheon of Ancient Gods’...Enki spoke to the reed walls of Altrahasis’ house...

established as a portal of communications...providing detailed and specific

'Instructions in the Design of a Vessel' to be constructed for a particular purpose.


Sumer-Mesopotamian clay tablets depicting the Deity Enki wearing the tell-tale helmet with side-horns.

Note the top-left panel displaying Enki...Altrahasis & his wife...upon the crescent shaped vessel of salvation.


Image of the Sumerian Deity Enki optically isolated and translated from the Genesis Petroglyph.


Altrahasis was also referred to as Ziasudra,  Utnapishtim and Noah.

The instruction set he received for the crescent shaped vessel inevitably included precision drawings and images

that have been lost within the  multitude of translations over the millennium.

Today the scriptures detail aspects of structure, material and dimensions applicable to construction of the vessel...

However, without precise drawings and images...exacting the vessel to

'Omniscient Specifications' would clearly be difficult:

Genesis 6:  (King James Version - KJV)

14 Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark,

 and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.

15 And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of:

 The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits,

 the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.

16 A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above;

 and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof;

 with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.


Hologram image projections from the Genesis Petroglyph illustrate both 'Design & Structure'

of the 'Mythical & Scriptural Vessel' such that it could be constructed to ‘Divine Specifications’.


Furthermore...stone inscribed projections form a 3-Dimensional Hologram Message & Communication

giving a 'Significant & Omniscient Function or Purpose’ to the Vessel...:

'The Ark was in-fact a 'Biogenetic Laboratory' for the 'Creation of Life on Earth' understood today.

In other words...

'Life Forms that Entered the Ark were Biologically Changed, Altered & Engineered

to Fit the Intelligent Designs We Know Today...Including Mankind'...!

(Detailed Micro-Image Codices from the 'Deck of the Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation...the Ark'.)


Codex Altrahasis...projections from the Genesis Petroglyph


An 'Isometric Image' (developed from a mask projection of the artifact using 'Bi-Lateral Symmetry')

details the 'front or bow' and tri-level structure which includes a 'buoyancy-counter-balance-weight'

attached to the bottom of the 'Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation...the Ark'.


Isometric Image Profiles Highlighting Structural Details of the Vessel...the ARK.


Various 'Orthographic Images' of the port-stern or rear-left-side...

detailing external and internal structural features and proportional design of the length, width and height.

Graphic designs detailing the 'Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation...the Ark'.


Micro-Image Codex Developments from the 'Deck of the Crescent Shaped Vessel, the Ark'...:


Illustrations pointing to the Fact that the 'Vessel' served as a 'Bio-Engineering-Laboratory'...:

(photo-detailed hologram image codices developed within the 3rd dimension of 'Spatial Magnification')

Micro Image Sub-Codex: The Man & the Monkey


Micro Image Sub-Codex: the Man & the Giraffe


Micro Image Sub-Codex: the Venous Figure - Woman


Micro Image Sub-Codex: Anatomical Components of the Man & the Woman


Micro Image Sub-Codex: Biogenetic Configuration of the Man...the Woman...& the Fauna We Know Today.


More image mask developments of the Ark...hologram projections from the Genesis Petroglyph...:

* The Eye of Enki...Codex 'Altrahasis'

* The 'Eyes of Horus'

* A Message to Modern Mankind

* The Stone Scribed... 'Ark of Salvation'

* Sunset & the 'Stone Scribed Vessel of Salvation'


An alien language comprised of visual hologram projections was perhaps fundamental to ancient mankind

in the development of civilization and society.

Understanding these images to be 'Alien Communications known as Xenolinguistics'

detailing 'Ancient Knowledge Lost' may also be fundamental to modern mankind as well...!


'The Oldest Photos Known were Scribed in Stone'


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