Xenolinguistics 106: Perception within a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination…

the Key to Understanding an Alien Language of Inscribed Hologram Projections.

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The ‘photo inscribed stone  or petro photoglyph’ was first understood by modern civilization in the year 1994.

Discovered in an area once populated by an Ancient American Indian Civilization known as

the Cahokia Mound Builders...the artifact was a surface sample found on private land…

far from any archaeological sites. When a petro photoglyph is properly illuminated

a high definition video message projects as a communication.

Messages from an unknown intelligence via inscriptions forged onto stone by a highly advanced technology.

The first artifact in the collection or library of petro photoglyphs was labeled...the Genesis Petroglyph.

This artifact is a 'Key...a Rosetta Stone' towards the understanding of a dynamic model for Xenolinguistic Communications...

'An Open Portal & Connection to an Ancient Alien Intelligence'.


Two platforms or 'media' for information storage requiring message translation using modern technology.


This 'Ancient Platform' for media storage requires translation using the modern technology of applied 'Spectrum Specific Illumination'.

The Genesis Petroglyph is a ‘whole recording or hologram message generator’ opening a portal to the communications of an Alien Intelligence.

'Optical Translation' or deciphering and understanding the video images simply requires 'Modern Technology

and the Database of Human Knowledge'.  Since modern technology is required for 'Optical Translation' of the inscribed messages…

the Genesis Petroglyph is also a 'Time-Capsule Communication'.



The prominent glyphic figure...projections from the Genesis Petroglyph.


The key to deciphering photo-detailed...hologram-inscribed artifacts requires

'a variable combination of three (3) factors determining visual perception'...

A Process Method to Optically Translate Embedded Hologram Images

Revealing Photo-Detailed Visual Projections...

Defined as an 'Alien Language we call...Xenolinguistics'...:


Spectrum Specific Illumination...Wavelength & Intensity Levels Applied to 'Illuminate or Light-Up the Image'.

* A Negative or Inverse (Complement)...Single or Multiple Light Wavelengths between 200 nM. to 900 nM.

* 'Illumination-Translations' within a Sphere-of-Perception from Near-Ultra-Violet to Near-Infra-Red.


Dimensional or Spatial Perspective...Image Position and the Viewing Source.

* Spherical 3-Dimensional Space and the location of the Viewing Source or Recording Device.

* Axial (3-D) Image Position & Artifact Magnification.


Applied to Mirror & Replicate a Portion of the Image...An Inverse, Foldout or Butterfly of the Visual Data.

* Typical Vector of Bi-Lateral Symmetry Intersects the Image in a Vertical or Horizontal Plane.

* Functions to Orthographically shift the visual information and change the Visual Perspective.


 When a variable combination of the '3-factors' determining perception

is applied to 'Conventional Rock Art'...

per the petroglyph recording from the Southwest USA below…

we see the depth of the projected communication significantly increased.

Embedded within the glyphic image structure are peripheral images...

both continuous & contiguous to the original image...supplementing the projected codex message.

 Applying the variable translation factor determining perception labeled...

'Bi-Lateral Symmetry' (both right & left)...to certain conventional rock-art images

will reveal embedded image masks...serving to enhance the original glyphic recording.

Functionally designed by the artisan to dramatically increase the scope

of the communication and significance of the intended message.


An original field recording and two optical translations of a conventional rock-art image...:

(photographed by archaeologist J.Q. Jacobs PhD. in the southwestern US)

Spectrum Profile #1: (Bi-Lateral Symmetry - Left) the image cries without animals…the inner spirit reaches out to the Deity.

Spectrum Profile #2: (Bi-Lateral Symmetry - Right) the image smiles with 2 animals as the inner spirit appears to be at peace.





Spectrum Specific Illumination applied to Decipher Our Perception of 'The Virgin of Guadalupe'...:

A Sacred Tilma or Tapestry and a Hologram Inscribed Artifact discovered in the 16th Century.



Incorporating both Spectrum Specific Illumination & 3-Dimensional-Spatial-Specific Perspective...:

Magnifying Details of the Image within a 'Sphere of Spatial Perception'...

exposes an Underlying-Embedded-Network of 'Micro-Image Codices'...

designed to 'Enhance the Significance of the Xenolinguistic Communication'.

(Image developments from the 'Eyes of the Virgin' courtesy of Dr. Jose Tonsmann)


Applying Spectrum Specific Illumination & Bilateral or Mirror Image Perception to the Genesis Petroglyph...:

Exposing a highly detailed Star-Map projecting a Stellar-Pattern known as the Constellation 'Orion'.

  The cosmic map is intricately tied into the hologram projections and codex message

 provided by this Xenolinguistic Communication.



Bilateral-Symmetry (horizontal & vertical) applied to the Genesis Petroglyph...:

Contiguous & Contiguous Hologram-Codex-Communications.  Dynamic illustrations of Functional-Xenolinguistics.




 Perception of Ancient-Alien Photo-Inscribed-Artifacts within a 'Sphere of Spectrum-Specific-Illumination'...

Incorporating 'Means & Methods' of modern technologies available today to decipher the messages.

  Time-Capsule Messages within a Realm-of-Comprehension known as 'the 4th Dimension'...:


A 'Theoretical Spatial Model of Perception' within the 4th Dimension...Courtesy of Wikipedia


A 'Practical Visual Model of Perception' within the 4th Dimension...

Applying Spectrum-Specific-Illumination as the 4th vector...element...& tuple to the perception of 3-dimensional objects.

(Spectrum Specific Image developments from the Unicorn Petroglyph)


Hologram inscribed artifacts containing a database of

'Ancient Knowledge' currently lost to modern civilization.

 As for the ancient Cahokia Mound Builders...

the question still lingers as to the method they acquired

 to 'Optically Translate & Decipher' these Petro Photoglyph artifacts...

functioning as 'Xenolinguistic-Message-Generators'.


For modern mankind...

'Optically Translating the Xenolinguistic Communications projecting

from Petro Photoglyphs is Fundamentally Quite Simple...

Understanding the Ramification of the Manifestations...Priceless'...!


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