Xenolinguistics 201: Deciphering A Divine Portal Depicted As Tethered Avatars

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Photo-detail image projections from small inscribed stones form a language

 consisting of communications by  an ancient and unknown intelligence.

These projections provide the first documented proof of and dynamic model for:

Functional Xenolinguistics...loosely defined in Wikipedia as

"a generic term used to describe a possible language originating from a hypothetical alien species.".

Provided herein you will witness an empirical illustration of an ancient unknown,

 alien language...scribed in stone by a highly advanced technology.

Petro Photoglyphs or photo inscribed stones, provide a platform for contact between modern mankind and an ancient intelligence.  

Alien communications readily translated and understood through the database of human knowledge.

 Most disappointing to some folks who might be expecting a more dramatic 'first interlude with an unknown alien intelligence',

 and most certainly outside the realm of that which we are expecting via radio signals from the cosmos (aka SETI).

The platform for 'first contact with an alien intelligence' has been defined through the propagation of video holograms,

 or whole recordings, projecting from certain inscribed artifacts.

  Humanity in anticipation of '1st Contact', developed a hierarchical scale designed to quantify

and categorize levels of an advanced, unknown, alien intelligence.

 Obvious preparation for what would be our 'first alien encounter'.

 Know as the 'Kardashev Scale'...Wikipedia, or our online database of knowledge defines the scale as...

"a method of measuring a civilization's level of technological advancement,

based on the amount of usable energy a civilization has at its disposal."

  As for the alien messages we are about to decipher and level of advanced,

unknown intelligence & technology who inscribed them...?


As seen in Xenolinguistics 103...a continuous stream of stone scribed hologram projections from

 the Unicorn Petroglyph are described by the multitude of descriptive verses found in the biblical scripture

 known as the Book of Job (chapters 39-41)...or the 'Righteous Sufferer'.  

Most significant to this alien inscribed hologram message are two tethered creatures defined as

 'avatars from the old and new world' prior to the 1st contact of 1492.


Tethered Creatures...Avatars known as the Euro-Asian...'Unicorn' and the Mesoamerican...'Quetzalcoatl or feathered serpent'

 project from a mask image developed from the Unicorn Petroglyph.


The unicorn image projecting a hologram message detailed in scriptures by the 'Book of Job'.

  Xenolinguistic communications from an inscribed stone called the Unicorn Petroglyph...

developed within a sphere of spectrum specific illumination.


'Quetzalcoatl or the feathered serpentsimilarly projects from the Unicorn Petroglyph.  

An image defined by religion and mythology of Mesoamerica and documented within the 'Popol Vuh or the 'Book of People'.


Details from this stone inscribed hologram communication and Xenolinguistic message 

provides a link to a Single Alien Entity who was known to Pre-Colombian residents from both the old world and new world'.


'Spatial-Specific Optical Translations'...another hologram codex detailing a highly significant communication & video message.

  Illustrated within this codex projection is the creature defined as the Unicorn

 from the 'Book of Job (Chapter 39 KJV)'...emerging from the 'Arm of the Creator'.

 The 'Arm of the Creator' clearly displaying a 'Spike Pierced Wrist'


 A Xenolinguistic communication providing a clear-cut message from this 'Ancient Alien Intelligence'

pertaining to the simple fact that the...

'Creator of the Old Bible Testament and Savior of the New Bible Testament were One and the Same'.


A language consisting of hologram image projections from small photo inscribed stones known as

 'Petro Photoglyphs'...

providing a platform that opens a portal to the communications from an 'Ancient Alien Intelligence'.

As for the 'Entity' we are now in communication with and the perspective

'Level of Advanced Alien Intelligence & Technology'...

according to the Kardashev Scale...

'You can Evaluate this One for Yourself'...!


'Developing the Oldest Photos Known...Scribed in Stone'

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