Xenolinguistics 202: A Time-Capsule Tale of an Ancient Alien Intelligence Transcending Time and Space

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Petro Photoglyph…:

* A stone inscribed with multiple continuous & contiguous…'over-layered, photo-image-masks'.

* A Petro Photoglyph projects highly-detailed streams of images forming a 'visual-language'.

* 'Spectrum Specific Illumination' is required to optically-translate or decipher the video-messages called...'hologram-codices'.

* Petro Photoglyphs provide a platform for global contact with an 'Ancient and Highly Advanced Alien Intelligence'.

* A Petro Photoglyph is an empirical model for…& practical demonstration of…'Functional Xenolinguistics'.

* Since the Dawn-of-Intelligence'Omniscient Information' has been delivereddeciphered& transcribed

from stone-scribed Petro Photoglyphs projecting…'Hologram-Codex-Messages'…understood to be…

'Divine-Communications that have been embedded within the Database-of-Collective-Knowledge'.


The 'Holograms' or whole recordingsdeciphered from Petro Photoglyphs or photo-inscribed-stones

project ‘Ancient Knowledge’ that has been transcribed into scripturemythology and archives from antiquity.

  Projections from inscribed stone artifacts called 'petro photoglyphs' are in fact, time-capsule messages from an Unknown-Alien-Intelligence.

The photo detailed image developments herein are the result of an 'advanced inscription technologyforged onto the stone surfaces'.

'Holograms-Codices'the result of applying contiguous-over-layered-streams of photo-image-masks to the artifact surfaces.

 Stone scribed visual messagesfabricated by highly advanced inscription processes'similar to the technology known asphotolithography'.


 Optical-Image-Translations of the Hologram-Codex-Projections are facilitated by applying a variable combination of:

Spectrum Specific Illumination…Spatial Specific Perception…and Bi-Lateral Symmetry.


Time-Capsule-Codices from an Ancient-Alien-Intelligence who Transcended both Time & Space

'Spectral & Spatial Projections'…detailed image developments from the surface of…

'The Genesis Petroglyph' (side 1 - position 1)…:


'The Cradle of CivilizationSumeria-Mesopotamia-Babylonia': 5,500 BCE - 4,000 BCE

The 'Prominent Glyphic Figure' appears through a 'Concentric-Triad' of outward

or 'Excised-Glyphic-Markings' on the surface of the petroglyph.

Projections of the 'Deity Enki'who was known to the ancient inhabitants of

SumeriaMesopotamia…Babylonia & the Cradle of Civilization.

The projected 'Image of Enki' is defined by the Epitaphs of the...'Goat & Fish...or the Capricorn'.

'Enki'Identified by 'His-Symbolic-Boat'Designed-For & Constructed-To'His-Divine-Instruction-Set '

And understood as the...'Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation or the Ark'.


The 'Prominent Glyphic Image' projecting from the surface of the 'Genesis Petroglyph'

(side1 / position 1)

Optical-Translations of the Deity Enki known as the 'Savior of Mankind' in the Babylonian Tale'Altrahasis'.


'The Dynasties of Ancient Egypt': 3,050 BC - 600 AD

Transcending Time & Spacethe 'Entity' is further identified by the projection of

Photographically Detailed EYESmanifestations from Egyptian Mythologyprojecting the 'Eyes of HORUS'.

The Eyes of Horus defined in Ancient Egypt as 'the Portal to an Omniscient Intelligence'.

The Deity-Horus:

* Supporting a Strapped-Down-Helmet-with Front-Facing Side-Horns.

* Emerging from the Great Pyramid.

* Holding the 'Boat-Made-of-Stone'.


'Classical Greece & the Roman Civilizations': 800 BC - 600 AD

The 'Celestial Star Pattern known as Orion' develops through a network of incised (inward)

scribed linear markings serving to identify the (Classical Period) Greek God'Orion'.

Orion is discerned under conditions of'Spatial Specific Perception & Bi-Lateral Symmetry'.

(Orion can be identified by an Arrow through his backthe Star Pattern manifests in a Mirror-Image-Translation)

An 'An Omniscient-Message'manifesting as a 'hologram-codex'

projecting from a photo-inscribed-stone called the 'Genesis Petroglyph'

 revealing a 'Time-Traveler& the Story of an Ancient-Alien-Intelligence

who Transcended both Time and Space'…:

 * Known in the 'Cradle of Civilization or Mesopotamia' as the Deity & Savior of Humanity in 'Codex Altrahasis'

and further ontranscribed from mythology into the scriptures of 'Genesis 6or the Great Deluge'.

* Projecting the 'Eyes of Horus' & the Race against Seth to Save Humanity…in a 'Boat-Made-Of-Stone'.

* Immortalized in Greek Mythology as 'Orion'whose Image was 'Cast-Forever into the Heavens' by the 'Deity Zeus'.

* Understood by 'Indigenous Civilizations' throughout the globe to be a 'Celestial-Figure'observed since the dawn of mankind.


'Mesoamerica & the Mayan Civilization': 1200 BC - 1521 AD

Transcending Time & Spaceoptical-translations from the 'Hologram-Codex' show the

'Prominent Glyphic Figure' wearing a 'Mask with Ritualized-Pierced-Nose'…:

* The 'Mask with Ritualized-Pierced-Nose' projects'The Mayan Deity from PalenquePacal II'.

* The Mesoamerican Deity is further identified by the 'Epitaph Image of a Jaguar'.

* Pacal II wears Ceremonial Mayan ( classic-periodstrapped-down) Headgear known as the 'Chakte Helmet'.

* 'Piercing the Nose' has been shown in archaeological data to signify the 'Mayan Ritual of Omniscient Ascension'.

'Hologram-Codex-Projections' from the mask display an image with the face of the 'MayanLord Pacal II of Palenque'.

A Ritualized Nose-Pierced-Mask projecting the Mayan Lord Pacal II& worn by…:

* The Mesopotamian (Sumerian) Deity 'Enki'

* The Ancient Egyptian Deity 'Horus'

* The Greek God 'Orion'


Various facial developments of the 'prominent glyphic figure' using

spectrum specific illumination and dimensional specific perspective.

Background data was eliminated to isolate the image

wearing a Chakte' (strapped down) Helmet with front-facing side-horns.


A stone inscribed codex from Chichen Itza detailing the 'Mayan Ascension Ritual of Nose-Piercing'.


'Piercing the Nose' in a 'Mask' with the image of the Mayan Pacal II

worn by the Mesopotamian Enkithe Egyptian Horus& the Greek Orion.


Aligning the image of Pacal II as detailed on the lid of his sarcophagus

 and the hologram projection of the prominent glyphic figure from the Genesis Petroglyph.


The alignment of two inscribed codex projections defining an ancient alien intelligence transcending time & space.


Details from the Codex Projections:

* Glyphic-Figures in both Codices are profiled from the Leftwith the Right Arm extended outward.

* Glyphic-Figures emerge from a Symbolic StructureKneeling with 2 Legs Folded Back.

* Glyphic-Figures Touch Symbolic Structures with the Right Hand'Tree of Life' & 'Ark of Salvation'.

* With the Left HandBoth Glyphic-Figures grasp 'Identifying-Epitaphs'.

* Codices project the Glyphic-Figures receiving'The Mayan Ascension Ritual of Nose-Piercing'.

* The 'Crescent-Shaped-Vessel of Salvation' is observed in both Codices.


A Stone-ScribedTime-CapsuleHologram Message to Modern Mankind.

  A Model providing the Platform for Transferring Information from an Unknown Intelligence

Dynamic Projections of an Ancient Figure who

'Walked through the Civilizations of HumanityTranscending Time & Space'.

Time-Capsule-Codex-Communications & an Empirical Scientific Illustration of…'Functional Xenolinguistics'.


'The Oldest Photos Known...Scribed in Stone'


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