Xenolinguistics 203: Understanding Evidence of Contact by an Ancient, Advanced, Unknown and Alien Intelligence

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Some of the most profound questions you can ask…questions that have now been answered most absolutely…

have yet to be realized by modern mankind…

Who Will Understand Scientific Evidence of Contact by an Ancient, Advanced, Unknown and Alien Intelligence?

  Who Will Accept the Definitive Parameters of First Contact?


The ‘photo inscribed stone or petro photoglyph' was rediscovered...& first documented in the year 1994 by

'impactoptics.com'...the only resource on earth publishing information pertaining to the artifacts.

 Collections of the small stone artifacts were found in the mid-western and south-western United States.  

These collections or libraries of petro photoglyphs suggest the distinct possibility that

similar artifacts have been dispersed on a global level.


Image Projections from the Genesis & Unicorn Petroglyphs under conditions of...:

Spectrum Specific Illumination...Spatial Specific Perspective...Bi-Lateral Symmetry


Defined as 'hologram-image message generators', the petro photoglyph provides

 a ‘platform for contact with an ‘ancient, unknown and alien intelligence’. 

Contact is made by the application of a highly advanced inscription technology applied to small stones

capable of projecting  the etchings as video communications.

  When properly illuminated or lit-up…'Petro Photoglyphs' project visual messages in the form of stories or codices...

that can be recognized and understood on a global level.

 A functional example of an alien language we study under a discipline called ‘Xenolinguistics'.


Illustrated herein are functional models for a communication system that by design, could be understood

 by a global humanity from the dawn of intelligence to modern times.


Message Systems designed to endure the elements of time while capable of being

deciphered with the technologies of both ancient and modern mankind.

 Another design criteria would require the artifact and the video codices to be cloaked,

providing an inconspicuous appearance such that it would attract little attention.

 This would be necessary to curtail intentional misappropriation, hoarding or destroying the artifacts

 and therefore preventing their information from transmitting to future civilizations.


The Unicorn Petroglyph...Grayscale Positive...Grayscale Negative


Composite stone would serve as the media for a message generator that will provide lasting endurance.

 The abundance of composite stone on earth would also facilitate the candid...cloaking requirement.

 The Communications would be in the form of 'whole recordings or holograms' consisting of contiguous

visual image projections that are optically translated under certain conditions of artifact illumination.  

This 'optical translation' could be provided by the light of a fire in a cave specifically designed to spectrum filter the light...

or the simple click of a mouse button to go from a positive to negative image field.


Timeless visual messages that transcend

 the elemental barriers to understanding through language or cultural persuasions.  

Stone inscribed video message generators...'Petro Photoglyphs'...

the media for the communications from an ancient, advanced, unknown and alien intelligence...!


Optical Image Translation with the application of selective levels of light....Spectrum Specific Illumination.


Defined within the Sphere of Visual Perception...called the 4th Dimension.


Projecting Image Messages that have been Deciphered throughout the Millennia.


Depicting the Alignment of...'Global Facets to the Cosmos'.


Communications that will soon be understood as the

 'Platform Providing 1st Contact with an Ancient, Advanced, Unknown and Alien Intelligence.

A Stone Scribed Hologram Codex projection from the Genesis Petroglyph:

* Images of an Ancient Deity and the Orion Star Pattern.

* The Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation...the Boat of Stone...the Ark.

* An Ancient Deity emerging from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

* Defined Deities ENKI of Mesopotamia (aka HORUS of Egypt).

* An Ascension-Ritual Nose-Pierced Mask of the Mayan Pacal II.

* The End of the Mayan Calendar...the 'Enlightenment Commencing in the Year 2012'...!

(Source: http://webexhibits.org/calendars/calendar-mayan.html)


Signatures & Symbolism Deciphered from this Codex Projection:

GODS: the Sumerian Deity ENKI defined by the Goat & Fish Epitaphs...the Egyptian Deity Horus defined by the projected EYE.

* The Epoch of Gilgamesh Tale 'Altrahasis' and the Crescent Shaped Vessel of Salvation...Horus & the 'Boat of Stone'.

* The Deity wears the Nose-Pierced Mask of Pacal II  displaying the Mayan 'Accession Ritual' found in codices from Chichén Itzá.

* The Jaguar Effigy identifies the Mayan Pacal II of Palenque....Radiating to Pierce the Nose in the Mask.

An Arrow Pierces the Deity ENKI...defined through Mythologies of Orion from Ancient Civilizations.

The Great Pyramid...aligned to Orion...defined by Tethered Sumerian...Egyptian... & Mayan Deities.


"A window shalt thou make to the ark...finish it above and the door...set in the side...

with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it."

Genesis 6: 16 KJV


An Ancient Codex...Projecting from a Scribed Stone...Provides a Significant Message to Modern Mankind: 

* The Genesis Petroglyph Projects Photographs of the Ancient Sumerian God (Enki)...'He Who Saved Humanity'.

* The Prominent Glyphic Image is defined by 'His Epitaphs & Symbols of...the Goat...the Fish...and the Ark'.

* The Ancient Deity wears a 'Ritualized...Nose Pierced Mask' depicting the 'Mayan Lord Pacal II of Palenque'.

* The Mask Image of the Mayan Deity Pacal II is identified by the 'Epitaph & Symbol of the Jaguar and Serpent'.

* The 'Orion Star Pattern' is etched into and inscribed within 'Prominent Glyphic Figure' as a 'Network of Linear Cracks'.

* The Glyphic Figure is linked to the 'Mythical Image of Orion' through an 'Arrow Scribed within the Incised Network'.

* 'The Ancient God emerges from the Great Pyramid'...known to be aligned with the 'Orion Belt Star Alnitak'.

* An Ancient Stone Scribed Star Map with 'Precise Celestial Coordinates...Trajectory...Course & Time-Frame of a Cosmic Event'.


'With Messages So Clearly Visible...the Imminent Question Persists...

'Why have so many been Blinded to this Ancient Knowledge Lost. and now Re-Discovered..?'

'2012...the New 1492...

as these Ancient Stone Scribed Hologram Communications are understood to be the Platform for...

'1st Contact with an Advanced Alien Intelligence'


'Developing stone scribed hologram image codices...from an Ancient Alien Intelligence...who talks the talk of GOD...!'


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