Xenolinguistics 204: A Stone Inscribed Xenolinguistic Message…The 3rd Eye Codex

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Herein we will decipher an ancient alien stone scribed story (codex) detailing tethered avatars

 known to the pre-Colombian inhabitants of the Old & New World.  

And...an ancient ritual detailing the progression of Kingship from the Heavens...

as deciphered from the Unicorn Petroglyph...a Petro Photoglyph.

This 'Functional Model of Xenolinguistics' or language provided by an unknown intelligence,

projects a visual time-capsule communication of Tethered Avatars 

known as the Unicorn of Euro-Asia and the Feathered Serpent or Quetzalcoatl of Mesoamerica.

(Details of the Process Method developed to Optically Translate these Xenolinguistic Image Codex Projections}


The Unicorn Petroglyph...a two-part Petro Photoglyph or photo inscribed stone.

 A highly detailed codex or story projects from the smooth inside surfaces of the two stone tablets that comprise the alien artifact.


Stone Tablet #1: 'Tethered Avatars' of the Old World Unicorn

and the New World Quetzalcoatl project  from the Unicorn Petroglyph'...

the opening chapters of a highly detailed stone scribed codex.


The stone scribed image projections of the Old World Avatar from the Unicorn Petroglyph...Stone Tablet One.  

Details of this visual image have been captured in mythology and scripture

 known as the ancient Babylonian tale of the 'Righteous Sufferer'...and the Unicorn...Behemoth...and Leviathan,

the 'Portal to the Creator in the Book of Job'.


Image projections of Quetzalcoatl known as the Mesoamerican Feathered Serpent...

documented by Spanish Missionaries & called the 'Popol Vuh or the 'Book of People'.

Details from the Unicorn Petroglyph Stone Tablet One. 

Xenolinguistics 103: the Unicorn...Avatar described in the Book of JOB (KJV)

Xenolinguistics 201: Tethered Avatars of the Unicorn & Quetzalcoatl


A Xenolinguistic Communication...Video Hologram Projections from the Unicorn Petroglyph in Stone Tablet One identify a...

'Robe-Clad Figure' who ascends Three-Steps of an Altar and a Portal Leading to the Kingdom of Stone Tablet Two.

 The Robed Figure...'the Emissary' carries a large 'Vase Filled with the Omniscient Tools Required for Kingship on Earth'...


Tethered Avatars and the Emissary who ascends the altar and portal.


The Tethered Helmet of the Emissary is attached to an Umbilical

which supports an organ resembling an eyeball...the '3rd Eye Codex'.


Stone Tablet #2: The '3rd Eye Codex'...the story is continued in Stone Tablet Two of the Unicorn Petroglyph.

 Herein we see the Tethered Emissary detailed in Stone Tablet One assuming the 'Role of Kingship on Earth'.  

As viewed from the left-rear-side...the Emissary sits upon a throne holding a Scepter in his left hand.

 Before the 'Coronated Emissary' project the Great Architectural Structures known to mankind...

the Acropolis...the Great Pyramid...Baalbec.


The Tethered Emissary of Stone Tablet One

 Transcends the Portal to assume his role of Kingship on Earth...as a projection from Stone Tablet Two.


Identifying visual projections from the Unicorn Petroglyph tell a story of Tethered Avatars...the Emissary...

and the Omniscient 3rd Eye.


Artist’s Conception of Shambhala…the Kingdom Capitol at Kalapa                   `Petro Photoglyph Projection of Kalapa, Shambhala

(Image courtesy of…: http://uncharted.wikia.com/wiki/Shambhala)                 (Image projections from the ‘Unicorn Petroglyph’)


Deciphered visual projections defined by history, mythology and archaeology...the 3rd Eye Codex.


A functional model for an Unknown, Alien Language called 'Xenolinguistics'...

transmitting 'Ancient Knowledge Lost' designed to educate and inform mankind throughout history of this...

'A Divine Message'.


‘Developing time-capsule stone-scribed hologram codices...forged by a 'Well-Known Ancient Alien Intelligence'.

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