Xenolinguistics 301: Eyes of the Alien...Projections from Photo Inscribed Stones

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Photographically Detailed...& Anatomically Correct...'Eyes of the Images'...

developed projections from Petro Photoglyphs...(photo inscribed stones)...

Enhance the Significance of the Hologram Codex...understood as a 'Xenolinguistic Communication'.   



The Genesis Petroglyph - Side 1 - Position 1...

an image of the Deity Enki who saved humanity develops within a 'Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination'.

(Reference Xenolinguistics 101 and Xenolinguistics 105 for details of this codex...transcribed by mankind since the dawn of understanding.)



Click on a thumbnail for an enlargement of the developed image mask from the Genesis Petroglyph.




The Genesis Petroglyph - Side 1 - Position 2...

Projections of the Eyes of the Deity Enlil gazing upon the Shrine and Pyramid Temple built in His Honor...


The Genesis Petroglyph Side 1 Position 2.

(Reference Xenolinguistics 101 and Xenolinguistics 104 for details of this ancient alien stone scribed message.)


Click on a thumbnail for an enlargement of the developed image mask from the Genesis Petroglyph.





Projections from the Unicorn Petroglyph...

within the 'Eyes of Avatars known as...Quetzalcoatl (New World) & the Unicorn (Old World)'...we see the Emissary...

sent to Earth by 'the Ancient Deity Enlil...known as the Great Sociologist'.

  Images that have been Transcribed Into Mythology & Religion since the 'Dawn of Human Intelligence'...


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Optical image translations of the AVATAR defined in the verses found in the Book of JOB:39-41


Image translations of the Unicorn with the application of Bi-Lateral Symmetry...Reference Xenolinguistics 106


The 'EYE' of the Mesoamerican (New World) 'Avatar'...Quetzalcoatl...aka, the Feathered Serpent


Documented by Spanish Missionaries in the…’Book of People or the Popul Vuh’.

Further identified as the 'Re-incarnation of 'JESUS' by some Scholars of the Mormon Philosophy.


A Xenolinguistic Message...a Stone Scribed Codex projecting 'Eyes of the Avatars'...Quetzalcoatl (left) and the Unicorn (right)



Photographic in Detail...Projections of 'Eyes' within these Alien Stone Scribed Images...

'Opens a Portal to this Unknown...Highly Advanced...& Ancient Intelligence'.


Crystal Clear...Highly Detailed...Visual Manifestations from an Advanced

and Ancient Communication System Comprised of Hologram Codices.

 Projections that Define a Functional Model for an Alien Language...Studied under the Discipline known as Xenolinguistics.

Petro Photoglyphs...serving both as the Media and Means for this Method of Ancient Alien Contact...!


'The Oldest Photos Known...Scribed in Stone...'

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