Xenolinguistics 302: The Ancient Stone Inscribed Star Map and Time-Capsule Message for Modern Mankind

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Transcending the 'Cognitive Portal' will manifest as the much anticipated

'Ancient Mesoamerican Prophesy' that has been detailed to begin December 21st in the year 2012...!

As we decipher this ancient stone scribed message in the days beyond 12.21.2012,

the 'calm will remain' but the 'storm has commenced within the realm of human understanding'.  

Accepting the inevitable point-in-time where a collective understanding as to who we really are...

from where we actually came...and to whom we are in contact with...will once again be understood by mankind.

(Theoretical Interpretations of Alien Inscribed Time-Capsule Stone Artifacts)

The most detailed stone scribed star map ever discovered is also a time-capsule message for modern mankind.  

A small stone artifact known as the Genesis Petroglyph

projects photo-detail hologram messages when properly illuminated.

A small photo inscribed stone known as a Petro Photoglyph

the artifact provides a time-capsule portal and visual communication that transcends the language barriers.


The Prominent Glyphic Figure projects from the excised or out-from-the-stone pattern.

 The figure is observed from both a normal and mirrored image perspective under a variety of illumination or 'light-up' settings.  

A highly detailed cosmic map and star pattern appears incised or cut into the stone.  

The star pattern details Orion as defined by the Chandra-Harvard Website and can be identified within the intersecting lines.

 Mythology further identifies Orion by the 'inscribed arrow' penetrating the Prominent Glyphic Figure.


An Image-Isolated Mirrored-Mask Projection Aligns to Orion...the Star Pattern.


Spectrum Specific Translations…and a Non-Mirrored Mask Perspective...Aligns to the Codex on the Sarcophagus Lid of  Pacal II.


Projections from an ancient stone artifact illustrating 'Codex Altrahasis'...:

The Savior of Mankind & the Ark of Salvation…a Cosmic Map of the Orion Star Pattern…and the Codex Image of the Mayan Pacal II.

A time-capsule communication encompassing space (Mesopotamia & Mesoamerica) and time (5000BC - 1000AD)

 elements of an ancient time-capsule message and cosmic map.


The Genesis Petroglyph…a detailed star map…projecting a time-capsule message to modern humanity.

A 'Rock-Solid...Stone-Portal to the Time-Capsule Messages of an Ancient Alien Intelligence.

As we begin to understand the Metamorphosis of 2012 ...the New 1492.  


Visual Information from this Stone Scribed...Time-Capsule...Hologram-Codex...Details:

* Who THEY Are...

* Where THEY Come From...

* And When THEY Will Be With Us Again...

Perhaps Our 'Ark of Salvation' Today will be the 'Hubble Telescope'

 and a small hologram inscribed stone called...a Petro Photoglyph


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