Xenolinguistics 303: The Ancient Stone Scribed Message for 12.21.2012

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"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" ...Carl Edward Sagan


An ancient stone scribed hologram message for modern mankind will now be understood as 1st contact

with an  unknown and alien intelligence.  

A photo detailed codex projection from a small stone artifact called the Genesis Petroglyph provides a message...

dated for modern mankind...a message and global understanding that will commence on the date of this Winter Solstice...12.21.2012.


The Genesis Petroglyph Side 1...An Ancient Time-Capsule Message...

a Cosmic Star Map detailing a Galactic Spectacle and Forthcoming Revelation to all Mankind...

The Genesis Petroglyph (Side 1)...A Cosmic Star Map...A Codex Message...:

* Image of a Deity who saved humanity... understood by civilizations since the beginning of recorded history.

*' Fish & Goat' Effigies identify the Sumerian Deity 'ENKI'...'Photo-Detailed Eye identifies the Egyptian Deity Horus.

* The Jaguar Effigy projecting from the face and the Mayan Strapped-Down 'Chakté Helmet' defines Lord Pacal II.

* The 'Ascension Ritual Nose-Pierced Mask of Pacal II'...worn by the Deity touching the Crescent Shaped Vessel.

* Orion's Star Pattern embedded within the image of the Deity ENKI and Horus...emerging from the Great Pyramid.

* An Arrow inscribed diagonally through the back of the Deity identifies Orion from Ancient Mythology.

* Mythology pertaining to Orion who was shot with an arrow in the water...ENKI who reigned as 'Lord of the Waters'.

* "A Mesopotamian & Mesoamerican connection to the Orion Constellation...the Mayan Calendar & the year 2012."


The Genesis Petroglyph (Side 2)...

Detailing Taurus the 'Bull of Heaven'...a Galactic Constellation and Star Map...

Spectrum & Spatial Specific Optical Translations of the Genesis Petroglyph...Side 2


Simple Spectrum Specific Translations of the Genesis Petroglyph...Side 2...detailing the Head of the Bull...Taurus.


A 'mirror image projection of the Genesis Petroglyph' (side 2) aligns to the star pattern known as Taurus...



The Star Pattern...Taurus is aligned  to the right of the Constellation 'Orion'...

as detailed by side 1 of the Genesis Petroglyph


Aligning the Stone Scribed Star Map to the Constellation Taurus...(click for the full development)


Various Spectral & Spatial Developments of the Stone Scribed Star Map detailing the Constellation Taurus...

(click for a full size development)


An embedded codex detailed by the image of the 'crooked serpent...the Caduceus'...(click for a full size development)


Juxtaposition of the Genesis Petroglyph (sides 1 & 2)... 'Mirror Image Projections'...align to the Constellations Orion & Taurus...

(click for a full size development)

Exactly two years ago...12.21.2010...an 'Omniscient Sign' was broadcast to a global humanity...

observed as a "total lunar eclipse' and most significantly positioned 'in time & space' between the Constellations of Orion & Taurus.

Today...as we witness the 'End of an Ancient Cycle'...we will experience a 'New Enlightenment of Ancient Knowledge Lost'.

The 'Total Lunar Eclipse of 2010'...A juxtaposition between the Galactic Constellations of Orion & Taurus...

(click for a full size development)


This night..12.21.2012...and here-in-after...

Look into the Heavens between the Constellations of Orion & Taurus...

We are about to 'penetrate the threshold of newfound wisdom as to from where we came...

Fulfilling the Master Plan...Comprehending the Ancient Knowledge...Understanding as One...!

laserles...wishing all everlasting...'Peace on Earth'


'Still Developing the Oldest Photos Known...Scribed in Stone'

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