Xenolinguistics 400: Petro Photoglyph Rock-Art Research...

Theoretical Interpretations of Small Photo-Inscribed Stone Artifacts...

Discovered in the Year 1994

(Published in beforeitsnews.com January 1st, 2014 20:27)


"Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence"...Carl Edward Sagan


Claims of an extraordinary 'Inscription Technology' applied to specific artifacts made of stone & fiber...

optically deciphered and understood when properly 'illuminated or lit-up' and subjected to...

 a sphere of spectrum specific illumination...

'The Key...Unlocking the Door to the Communications of an Ancient Alien Intelligence'...:



         The Sacred 'Shroud of Turin'                            The Sacred Tilma (cloak)...'Virgin of Guadalupe'

(Spectrum Specific Illumination...Bi-Lateral Symmetry-Right)     (Varied Levels of Spectrum Specific Illumination)


The Unicorn Petroglyph...a 'Petro Photoglyph'

(Varied Levels of Spectrum Specific Illumination & Selective Spatial Enhancement - Magnification)


Inscribed Artifacts opening a Communications Portal to the 'Instruction Sets and Messages'...

of an 'Ancient Alien Intelligence' whose Words have been...

Transcribed into the Mind-Set & Realm of Human Understanding since the Dawn of Intelligence...!


Extraordinary Evidence as defined within the boundaries of Human Understanding is substantiated

through 'Empirical Scientific Data'...much of which is based upon 'Observable Results'...

and the premise that 'Seeing is Believing'...!


The Extraordinary Evidence detailed herein demonstrates 'Repeatable & Observable Results'...

'Without a Standard  Reference Point from a Global Perspective'...


Deciphered & Understood through...'Perception within the Realm of the 4th Dimension...:

(Visual Perception within a Sphere of Spectrum Specific Illumination)



                        A Theoretical Spatial Model               A Practical Visual Model...projections from the Unicorn Petroglyph


There are but few 'Perception Standards' that can apply to

'Scientifically Define Images' described in the Scriptures & Mythologies of Mankind...!


Computer Image Analysis of the Stone Scribed Unicorn Projection & the Chinese Qilin


Empirical evidence & data herein can be easily confused and denied by the fact that...

a 'Global Standard' has never formally existed to 'Understand & Define these Image Propagations'...:


Patterned Wood Grain (pareidolia) vs. a Stone Inscribed Hologram Codex Image Projection from the Genesis Petroglyph

(both image structures were subjected to varied levels of 'spectrum specific illumination' & analysis via 'bilateral symmetry')


Prior Xenolinguistic Tutorials...define an Alien Language consisting of

Contiguous (Hologram) Photo-Image Projections from Small Stone Artifacts discovered in

1994 and labeled...Petro Photoglyphs.


This level of Xenolinguistic Research will explore Advanced Theoretical Details...

Ramifications & Revelations of this 'Profoundly Incredible Discovery'...

'The Portal to an Ancient Alien Intelligence'...

& the Dawn of a New Reality for Mankind...!


'Developing the Oldest Photos Known...Scribed in Stone'


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